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Celebrate the upcoming holiday season at this one-of-a-kind winter-themed experience produced by International Special Attractions, Ltd. in partnership with M Resort!

A gentle flurry of snowflakes will greet visitors as they are welcomed into a world of more than 350 tons of real snow falling from above and coating the ground in an inviting blanket. 

From snowball throwing to snowman building, this celebratory attraction will offer a variety of seasonal favorites including a snow slide, a Candy Cane forest and a snow play area for winter games and more! 

Snow Carnival will be open daily inside of the M Pavilion with select operating hours through January 8, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

know before you go

Is the snow at Snow Carnival REAL snow?
Yes! The snow play areas and snow slide consist of real snow!

Where is the event taking place? 
Snow Carnival Holiday Forest will take place in the M Pavilion at M Resort Spa Casino.   

Is it going to be cold inside? 
Yes, the temperature is expected to be between 40 – 60 degrees. Guests are encouraged to dress warm and to dress in snow or water-resistant attire.

What are Snow Carnival's hours of operation? 
Snow Carnival closes at 10pm daily, unless otherwise posted. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve, Snow Carnival will close early. 

How much does it cost?
The prices are $36.99 for adults, $29.99 for children ages 3-11 years, and free for 2 years and under. Tickets can be purchased at SnowCarnival.com. There is a $1.99 processing fee on all ticket purchases.

Can I walk in without a reservation?

Tickets will be available for day-of walk-ins. Availability is subject to Venue and Event capacity restrictions.

Are there discounts available for Guests?
There is a 10% Military Discount available on Mondays as walk-up, day-of, purchases only. Discounted tickets purchased with the Military Discount are only valid on Mondays for the day-of. Guests must present a myheroes mychoice Players Card at time of purchase. Discount valid for purchases of up to 4 tickets. New card sign-ups are available at the Players Cage located on the Casino Floor.

Is there a Team Member Discount available?

Yes, there will be a Team Member discount available. Active Team Members can take advantage of a 25% discount on day-of ticket purchases for up to 4 Guests. Team Member must be present AND must have badge to receive discount. Tickets are non-transferrable; this means Team Members cannot purchase discounted tickets for others not in their party.

How can I purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets online on the “Buy Tickets” tab located on SnowCarnival.com. Tickets are also available on-site for walk-up Guests during posted hours of operation. Walk-up entries will be permitted subject to availability.


Do I need an ID to get in?
A photo ID is required for all non-cash transactions within the Venue. A valid photo ID is required to purchase alcoholic beverages. Forms of acceptable identification include valid Driver’s License, Passport, State-Issued Identification Card, Military ID. Identification may not be torn, wrinkled, cracked, or altered in any way.


Who should I contact if I am having trouble purchasing tickets?
Contact MLV-SnowCarnival@pngaming.com for issues with purchasing tickets. 


I did not receive actual tickets for the event. What should I do? 
There are no physical tickets for this event. The confirmation email will act as your ticket for the event. If you did not receive your confirmation email, please check your SPAM and JUNK folders for an email from SevenRooms and/or Snow Carnival before reaching out. You will simply check-in at the entrance by providing your name or confirmation number and entry will be provided for the allotted Guests. A photo ID matching the name on the reservation or the card utilized to purchase tickets will be required at check-in. 


Can I buy tickets online for someone not in my party or can I transfer tickets to other guests?
All tickets are non-transferrable. A photo ID matching the name on the reservation or the card used to purchase tickets will be required at check-in. 


I selected the wrong date when I purchased my tickets. What can I do?
Tickets may be transferred to a new date, provided that notice is given in writing 24-hours in advance. Written notification may be directed to MLV-SnowCarnival@pngaming.com 


What if my group is late for our registration?
Guests will be permitted to enter the Venue after their timeslot. Guests who arrive before their selected reservation time may be required to wait based on Venue capacity.

Do Guests have to arrive together?
Guests are encouraged to arrive and enter together in order to expedite the check-in process.

Can adults participate?
Absolutely! Guests of all ages are welcome to create magical memories at Snow Carnival.


What are the age restrictions?
Snow Carnival Holiday Forest is designed for Guests of all ages.

Are there height restrictions for the attractions?

Yes, Children must be 42" or taller to ride Mini-Matterhorn. Children must be at least 36" tall to ride Snow Carousel with an adult; Children taller than 42" do not require an adult to ride the Snow Carousel. Children must be 36" to ride the Kid's Train and must be able to sit without assistant (lap sitting not permitted).


Does there need to be one adult per child for supervision?
Guests under 16 years of age require a parent or legal guardian to be present at all times. A ratio of 1 adult to every 4 children is requested.


What about Parking, Drop off, and Pick up?
Free parking is available in all Casino parking lots as well as the Parking Garage. Signage will be placed directing Guests to M Pavilion and Snow Carnival.


Is there re-entry into Snow Carnival?
Re-entry will not be permitted. Once a Guest exits the Venue, they will be unable to return.

Do Hotel Guests receive complimentary entry?
Paid admission is required for all Guests. Hotel Guests do not receive complimentary access to the event.

Do Casino Guests/Players receive complimentary entry?
Paid admission is required for all Guests. Casino-invited Guests do not receive complimentary access to the event.

At what age do you not charge admission for entry into the Venue?
Admissions for Infants 2 and under is complimentary.

What items are NOT allowed in Snow Carnival?  
-Bags (backpacks, large bags, suitcases, luggage) larger than 12"x12"

- Weapons (such as guns, knives, or clubs), pepper spray, mace, flares, or fireworks.
- Lighters including but not limited to butane, lighter fluid, electric or any other flammable liquids.
- Patrons without shoes or shirts, or wearing masks, face paint, or costumes.
- No outside food or beverage items will be permitted.
- Illegal drugs/substances including all forms of marijuana.
- Glass, metal, or plastic containers of any kind.
- Coolers and ice chests, seat cushions, pointed tip umbrellas. 


Can I bring my personal items such as purses and cell phones into the attraction?

We recommend bringing minimal personal items with you to the attraction. Snow Carnival, nor M Resort, are liable for lost, damaged or stolen items.


What is your marijuana policy?

Use of marijuana (weed), including but not limited to smoking, inhaling, ingesting, or using oils, lotions, or other trans-dermal introduction of, is prohibited at Snow Carnival notwithstanding approval of recreational use in Nevada. State law prohibits use of marijuana in public places. If marijuana in any form is observed, the property will take the necessary steps to ensure compliance with the law and company policy. 


What happens if I bring a banned item?

Banned items will not be allowed into the attraction for any reason, and you will be required to leave the attraction to discard banned items before being allowed to enter the attraction. Please leave your items at home, in your car or with someone not entering the event. 

Someone in my party uses a wheelchair. Will they be able to enjoy the attraction?
Yes! Snow Carnival is designed to accommodate a standardized wheelchair. 



Can Guests bring outside plastic water bottles or hydro flask to the Venue?

Guests are permitted to bring in one (1) sealed water bottle per Guest. Hydro flasks can enter the Venue; however, they must be empty prior to bag check/security screening. We do provide a complimentary water station where Guests can refill water bottles or can grab a cup of water.

If a Guest purchases food/drinks/birthday cakes from M Resort, is it permitted in the Venue?
Due to the nature of the event, outside Food and Beverage will not be permitted. All bottles of alcohol, regardless of size, will be refused entry.

If a Guest brings food/drinks/etc. from outside the M Resort, is it permitted in the Venue?
No, food and beverage purchased outside of the M Resort will not be permitted in the Venue. Guests can consume the items prior to entry, can take items back to a room or vehicle, or they can dispose of the items.

Are Guests allowed to bring any sleds, snow toys, etc.?
Due to the nature of the event and for everyone’s enjoyment, sleds, snow toys, etc, will not be permitted into the venue.

Are large back packs/purses permitted in the Venue?
Bags/purses/backpacks smaller than 10” x 10” will be permitted into the Venue. All personal items will need to be opened and may need to be emptied to allow for proper Security screening prior to entry. This includes all pockets being opened, all wallets and/or compartments opened.

Are diaper bags allowed? Is baby food/bottles of milk allowed? Is water for formula approved?
Bags/purses/backpacks smaller than 10” x 10” will be permitted into the Venue. All personal items will need to be opened and may need to be emptied to allow for proper Security screening prior to entry. This includes all pockets being opened, all compartments opened, and containers being opened. Water/formula/milk/etc. will all be permitted.

Are snacks for children permitted?
Multiple quantities (snack packs of chips, multiple zip-lock baggies, etc.) or large bags of snacks or multiple quantities of water/juices are not permitted. Small snack-sized items are permitted for children 10 and under who may have dietary restrictions. Snacks are to only be provided to the individual in need. We do provide a full food and non-alcoholic beverage menu for all other Guests. The items contained on our menu fulfill a wide variety of dietary needs.

What is the arrival time or check-in time window for on the website?
Check-in/Arrival times are designed to help us plan your visit better. Please select the time slot you prefer. Guests are welcome to stay at the event as long as they would like once they are inside. Re-entry is not permitted.

When is the last entry of the day for Snow Carnival?
The last available online reservation will be 1-hour before the event closes.

How does a Guest request a refund?
For those seeking a refund for prepurchased tickets, all cancellation/refund requests must be submitted, in writing, to MLV-SnowCarnival@pngaming.com. Tickets may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to opening time on date ticket is purchased for. Tickets cancelled within the appropriate timeframe are eligible to receive a full refund of the purchase price paid minus any service charges, taxes, processing fees, venue fees, or any other fees associated with the transaction. All refunds will be applied to the original form of payment. For no shows or late cancellations, refunds will not be available.

For Guests purchasing tickets at the door or as “walk-up”, refunds are not available at this time.

How does a Guest request a date change?
Tickets may be transferred to a new date, provided notice is given 24 hours in advance, in writing, to MLV-SnowCarnival@pngaming.com

Is smoking allowed in the Snow Carnival?
Smoking is not permitted inside the venue. Guests are permitted to smoke in one outdoor location located near the Snow Carnival. This includes cigarettes, cigars, vapes, etc. This is a Health Department requirement. Guests may be removed from the Venue without option of refund for violation of this policy. Under no circumstance is a Guest allowed to smoke marijuana, in any form, including wax pens, vapes, etc.

What is the policy for adults-to-children ratio? What are the rules for entry for minors?
Guests must be 16 years of age to enter the venue without a parent/legal guardian and must be 18+ when accompanying a minor. Guests under 16 years of age require a parent or legal guardian to be present at all times. A ratio of 1 adult to every 4 children is requested. Failure to maintain the appropriate ratio or failure to maintain the “arms reach” requirement may result in removal from the Venue without refund.

Are there capacity restrictions on the Venue?
To provide the best possible Guest experience, Snow Carnival may impose capacity restrictions at Upper Managements discretion.

There are currently no state mandates which dictate Venue capacities.

Each reservation contains a designated number of pre-paid tickets. All pre-paid Guests will be permitted entry into the Venue. Additional Guests who purchase as “walk-up” are not guaranteed immediate entry and will be subject to daily General Admission rates and current venue capacity restrictions, which may require them to wait in line for entry.

Will food and beverage be available inside the Venue?
Yes, a selection of Holiday themed bites and beverages will be available for purchase.

Do Guests need to have a photo ID with them?
A photo ID is required for all non-cash transactions; this includes Room Charges, Comps, Credit Card, etc. The name on the card must match the photo ID. The Guest in the room must be a Guest with charging privileges turned on. We do not accept a proxy for non-cash transactions (i.e., a husband cannot use a wife’s credit card unless both names are hard-printed on the card, etc.)

What happens if a Snow Carnival date is cancelled for any reason?
If an event is cancelled, in its full capacity, a refund will be issued in the amount paid for your tickets. Refunds will be posted to the same payment method used during the original purchase. If an event is postponed, we will contact you with the new date and time availability and will assist with transferring tickets to the new date. Venue availability, attraction availability, and talent are subject to change without notice and are not grounds for a refund.


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