Mini Beat Poker inside the Live Poker room at the M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas Henderson NV

Lose with Aces Full or better and win a Mini Jackpot inside the Live Poker room at The M Resort Spa Casino Las Vegas

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Todd Buechler
Poker Room Manager

Lose with Aces Full or better & win a Mini Jackpot!


Mini Beat Rules

  1. Lose with Aces Full or better; beaten by a Four of a Kind or better; and win the MINI BEAT PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT.
  2. The starting losing hand requirements of the MINI BEAT PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT will be Aces Full of Kings or better and then lower every Monday at 8am until it is hit. Ex. AAAKK, then AAAQQ, then AAAJJ. The winning hand requirement will remain constant at Four of a Kind or better.
  3. Both of the player's hole cards must play. Aces Full MUST contain a pocket pair of Aces (AA); Four of a Kind MUST contain a pocket pair. The best possible combination of the five cards, including the player's hole cards, must be used to form the winning hands.
  4. Live action Texas Hold'em is the ONLY game that qualifies for the MINI BEAT. Tournament play does not qualify for the MINI BEAT.
  5. Only the 2 highest ranking hands qualify for the MINI BEAT. M Poker Room High Hand Jackpot rules apply. Once the MINI BEAT or Progressive High Hand is hit they will reset to the default amount.
  6. All players at the table are eligible for a table share unless they have been designated as "Missed a Blind."
  7. The 2 Mini Beat hands that qualify for the jackpot do not also receive a table share.
  8. Each hand may only win 1 bonus money jackpot. If a hand is eligible for multiple prizes, only the highest amount will be awarded to the Guest.
  9. The MINI BEAT PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT will be divided as follows: 10% of the daily promotional rake will be added to the Progressive Mini Beat meter daily. The winning and losing hands each receive 30% of the MINI BEAT money. The remaining 40% will be split into 8 equal table shares. If that seat is vacant or occupied by an ineligible player, that share will be returned to the promotional reserve pool. Amounts will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar. The poker room records will super cede any posted amount in the event of a discrepancy.
  10. All prizes are paid in chips. Any bonus money that reaches an accumulated value of $600 will be subject to reporting; as determined by the IRS. A W-9 will need to be filled out by the Guest.