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Just when you thought M couldn't get any better

Happy hour? Reverse happy hour? Happy hours? Be at this bar between these hours and get these drinks for this price. As you know we like to say here at the M Point of View - that's all well and

Ten Off-the-Cuff Vol. IV

Here it is, the final edition of "Ten Off-the-Cuff" for 2010. Here are ten off-the-cuff things we think are pretty cool at M Resort that you should know about: Wine is one of those things that is very much subjective.

Wine Tasting - The Basics

Guest Blogger: Charlie Moavero, Assistant Beverage Manager There are a lot of things which connect M Resort with wine - Hostile Grape, our wine bar with more than 160 wines-by-the-glass through our super-cool Enomatic dispensing systems; the Marnell family's vineyard

Wines for Summer

While we think any time of year is a great time to drink wine, there's something particularly wonderful about drinking a perfectly chilled glass of white while enjoying the sunshine. Whether it's by the pool, at a backyard barbecue or

Rock 'N Roll Wine - Reggae Pool Party

Perhaps you wouldn't think of them as the likeliest of partners, but something pretty special is happening here at M Resort when wine, reggae and the fantastic Villaggio Del Sole pool and entertainment piazza all come together. Once again, we'll

Secrets behind F&B at M Resort

If you're a regular reader of The M Point of View blog, a visitor to the property or even a fan of reality TV, you probably know that food and beverage is one of the most, if not the most

Be "As Single As You Wanna Be" Saturdays at Hostile Grape

Many of you attended, and many more of you may have seen or heard about our "As Single As I Wanna Be" party for this past Valentine's Day at M Resort. It was held down in our wine bar, Hostile

Turkey Day Wine Picks

When it comes to wine and Thanksgiving dinner - relax! There's no one wine you SHOULD have with this special dinner, but rather, there are many opportunities that lend themselves to pair different wines based on each course and your