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Sweet Treats For You and Your Sweetie

With an award-winning executive pastry chef as part of our team we have no shortage of sweet treats. Stop into Baby Cakes, our patisserie and you’ll find scones, croissants, cinnamon rolls, cupcakes, and this week you could even order chocolate

10 Things We Love at M Resort

In the spirit of love (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner) we wanted to share with you a few of the things we love about our four-star resort. Here are 10 things we love right now: Complimentary shuttle service

Love in a Martini Glass or a Frosty Mug

Love can be found in various places. It just so happens that we found it mixed and poured into a martini glass and some other types of glasses! With the calendar day dedicated to love (February 14) quickly approaching we

Food to Set the Right Mood

Food is the ultimate aphrodisiac, especially when it comes to enhancing romantic holidays. This Valentine's Day, we are suggesting a few foods that are known to loosen inhibitions and melt your lover's heart. What's more romantic than preparing a delicious

Time to get "As Single as You Wanna Be" again

It's time once again for all you single ladies to break out your sexiest red stilettos and indulge in the "As Single As I Wanna Be" Valentine's party at the Hostile Grape inside M Resort on Saturday, February 12 starting