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A League of Her Own

Think you're busy? Try juggling a job at M and a budding career in football; Lingerie Football to be specific. Our resort is home to our very own Lingerie Football League (LFL) player, Kandice Golar. By day she's a star

Housekeeping like an Olympian

Looking for an award winning room cleaning? Look no further than the skilled housekeeping staff here at M and all over the Las Vegas Valley. Last week, resorts up and down Las Vegas Boulevard gathered to take place in the

It's All in the Bed at M

What do you value most at a resort when traveling? A recent study showed that a great bed is the most important amenity for a traveler during their stay. Here at M, we take extra care in making sure each

Preparing for the Frontlines

We have lots of interesting Team Members that help operations run smoothly here at M. As you know, service is one of our top priorities and we always aim to exceed all of our guests' expectations. We wouldn't be able

Getting to Know M's 16TH Floor Chef: Nathan Frost

We've got nothing against our other restaurants but there's just something about dining at the top of our resort that holds a special place in our heart. Our very own rooftop restaurant (there are only a few others in the

Meet Our Poker Faces

Get ready to practice your best poker face as we bring you the faces of our Poker Room here at M. Melissa is our Poker Hostess with the most-est and you can see her smiling face whenever you check-in or

Here's the deal

There are hundreds, if not thousands of different staff positions at a casino/resort property. One of the most sought after and difficult to perform is that of the table games dealer. Why is it sought after? For some it simply

A close shave…and a delightful one.

When Father's Day and Christmas are here (not to mention during a large number of televised sporting events) you'll see a whole lot of commercials for fancy electric razors also known as "shave-o-matic-waterproof-lubricating gel-self-cleaning-comfort grip-multiblade-rotating-whatcha-ma-call-its." Now those are all well

“The Frontlines” Housekeeping

It's time for our second edition of "The Frontlines" - a behind-the-scenes video series where we, the social media team, experience firsthand what it takes to work the frontlines here at M Resort. In our last video, we took you

"Thank you for calling M Resort…"

You might think a call center (aka a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or operator) would be one of the least entertaining and interesting departments in a business. That's definitely not the case here at M Resort. The call center team