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Country Modern, with a Twist of Farm Food

Our mouths are literally still watering after a brief excursion to capture some images of Hash House A Go Go which opened here at M Resort just a few weeks ago. If you haven't had a chance to stop by

Delicious Signature Dishes

We recently did a chef photo shoot here at M Resort and we were able to capture images of a few of the chefs' "signature dishes." While we can't promise you can get Chef Tina's "Martini Glass Salad" or Chef

Chill out in "Prime" Time

Louie, our butcher extraordinaire (a.k.a. M Resort Head Butcher), may be the only guy in Vegas to keep his office heated during the summer. That's because it's actually located inside the butcher shop here at M and at a chilly

A Day at M for Dad

Father's Day is almost upon us and there's no better way to spoil your dad than with a delightful day at M Resort. We know it can be difficult to come up with special things to do for dads on

Weddings – Having your special day at M

While Las Vegas may be known as the "entertainment capital of the world," it's also known as the "wedding capital of the world." Why? Well, there are not only tons of weddings here each and every day of the year,

Sports Lovers and Foodies Rejoice!

It's back to basics at the M Resort's Vig Deli. Stuffy sandwiches and fancy names are nowhere to be found on this classic menu of made-to-order deli favorites. Designed with the consummate bettor and sports buff in mind, the Vig

Social Dining at M Resort

Known for their innovation in the gaming industry, and particularly with regard to food and beverage, the Marnell family understands that dining isn't just about the food. Don't get us wrong, the food is important and the food at the

Inside Out - Outside In

Inside out and outside in. Maybe you've noticed it and maybe you haven't. There's something about M Resort that's different. And we're not just talking about the great dining, gaming, entertainment, rooms, etc. We're talking about the resort itself. It's

What time is it? Martini Time!

A new show is cooking in Las Vegas and it’s ours! On January 26, we’re debuting Martini Time with Chef Tina Martini. When it opens next week, it will be the newest live show in the city. This show is

Celebrate with Cocktail Cheer

The holidays are here and we're ready to celebrate. With Thanksgiving just days away, we thought we'd take a look at some of our tasting concoctions for this Thanksgiving. This is one of our favorites, put together by our resident