Top 7 Architectural Highlights That Will Make You Go Mmmm

Top 7 Architectural Highlights That Will Make You Go Mmmm








The M Resort Spa Casino is an architectural wonder: a marvel that truly stands out in a bustling city full of Las Vegas Strip hotels. Here are the Top 7 incredible highlights:

1. Authentic Italian Marble

Throughout the entire casino resort, from the floors, to walls, to exteriors, you’ll notice stunning stonework. This beautiful marble was imported from Italy; but even before making its way to the destination, each piece was hand selected and measured on location, ultimately fitting together like a masterful puzzle.

2. Floating Staircase

One of the most profound architectural elements is the floating staircase, which leads from the hotel lobby down to the magnificent pool oasis.  The impressive flight of marble stairs gives the illusion that the steps are floating without any architectural support. To create this effect, a form was constructed and then cast into place with concrete. Stone risers were then fitted and mechanically fastened to give the effect of one solid block of stairs.

3. Outside-In

One of the most constant, yet subtle, themes throughout the casino resort is the concept of bringing the outdoors in. Natural light is captured beautifully and effortlessly through skylights, vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. Interiors are intended to flow seamlessly from one structure to the next, often leading to picturesque terraces. Custom water features are showcased throughout the hotel to evoke soothing elements of nature including in the lobby, on the patio at Anthony’s Prime Steak & Seafood, on the main pool deck and adjacent to Spa Mio.

4. Armani Suit, Versace Tie

The M Resort has such a unique look and feel, which can be best compared to an Armani suit paired with a Versace tie. An Armani suit is classic, timeless and a perfect embodiment of subtle elegance; something that will always uphold its prestige and never go out of style.  On the other hand, the complementing Versace tie showcases a bit of flare allowing for unique elements of personality to shine through. The Armani suit represents the brand and the overall design, whereas the tie represents the exiting details, like the swirling, geometric patterns of the casino carpet, which actually were inspired by a Versace tie design.

5. Transparency

Translucency is also a part of the master design.  The building’s exterior was made entirely of glass creating a luminescence all its own. At certain times of the day, someone standing outside can actually see through the entire building. The porte cochere (or valet entrance) was also designed to create transparency with a swooping glass roofline and integrated beams allowing for natural light to enter.  And a central glass elevator that takes guests from the casino level down two levels to the Hostile Grape wine cellar also creates a sheer element of surprise.

6. Strip Views

Not only does the casino showcase natural light, but at every turn you’ll find incredible views to match. Each of the resort’s upscale restaurants including Anthony’s Prime Steak & Seafood, Jayde Fuzion and Anthony’s Gourmet Burgers & Brews all offer al fresco dining with gorgeous terraces that showcase sweeping views of the Strip. Guest rooms also offer stunning views of the mountains or the Las Vegas skyline.




7. An M-azing Chandelier

The chandelier suspending from the central M Bar is impressive, not only because it’s 16-feet tall and has 13 tiers of ombre-colored crystals. What really sets this chandelier apart is that it is comprised of thousands of crystals, each one cut into the shape of an “M.’ How’s that for branding?