Spring Brings New Beginnings and a New Menu to Jayde Fuzion

BBQ Grilled Misty Point Oysters at Jayde Fuzion at the MSpringtime is here, and so is our new menu. We went inside the kitchen with Jayde Fuzion Chef Mark Sandoval to get the dish on the latest, most seasonal dishes.

M Blog: Tell us a little about what’s new at Jayde Fuzion.

MS: The team here is incredibly proud of our new menu. There’s a true collaborative energy that took place; something everyone can take great pride in. Combined, our chefs have more than 100 years of culinary experience, which is why we worked as a team to create and refine ideas, putting together a fantastic new menu that focuses on lighter fare, springtime ingredients and delicious Asian flavor profiles that Jayde Fuzion is best known for.

M Blog: The new menu is available now. Tell us a little about what dishes guests can expect.

MS: In all there are about 24 new menu items. We really focused on refreshing, seasonal ingredients found in springtime, like peas, radishes, greens and artichokes. Our grilled Chinese five spiced lamp chops are marinated in five spices and served with plum wine jus. This dish is accompanied by a spring pea salad – a mix of spring pea tendrils, pea shoots and sugar snap peas – with goat cheese.  Our Thai basil fried rice has a winning combination of light and refreshing flavors – like mint and Thai basil – paired with savory braised beef and peppers. This is one of those dishes where you take one bite and can’t help going back for more. I also love the flavor and the texture of the Szechwan green beans.Sweet Chili Crab Legs at Jayde Fuzion at the M Resort

Spring is also a time when guests crave lighter fare, so we’ve also incorporated many new seafood dishes. I particularly love to prepare proteins that are whole or on the bone because of the unparalleled flavors it creates, so on the menu you’ll find the whole fish crispy fried tai snapper served with seasonal Asian vegetables.  The sweet chili crab legs have a nice spicy-sweet and tangy glaze and the BBQ grilled “Misty Point” oysters are prepared dynamite style, with Sriracha mayo and wasabi tobiko. We also have a miso-glazed rockfish that is excellent. 

M Blog: It wouldn’t be spring without fresh salads. Are there any new salads on the menu?

MS: Certainly! We’ve added several fresh, new salads to the menu. One of my favorites is the grilled artichoke salad. It has three types of radishes – watermelon, Easter egg and traditional radish – with daikon sprouts, spring peas and Asian greens, tossed in a delicious herb and green garlic dressing – our take on “green goddess” is dressing. In lieu of anchovy, we use dashi, a traditional Japanese cooking stock, which brings out the beautiful flavors of the sea. With all of its vibrant colors, this dish is just as beautiful to look at as it is to eat.

Grilled Artichoke Salad at Jayde Fuzion inside the M ResortM Blog: There are so many great dishes! All in all, which one is your favorite?

MS: That’s a tough one… I could eat the BBQ oysters all day long. And the Thai basil fried rice, too. I also really love the fresh flavors of the grilled artichoke salad. And our hot and sour soup is also a must. Although it’s new to the menu, we often offered this soup as a special and it has always been a hit with our guests.

M Blog: You cook all day long. What’s your go-to meal when you’re at home?

MS: My favorite way to cook at home is to fire-up the grill, outside, with a glass of wine or a cold beer. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the spring weather!