What You Need to Know To Ace Your Interview at the M Resort

Break out the swimsuit; it’s that time of year…pool season recruitment. While our first round of pool recruitment finishes up today, our second round starts February 11. In addition to our pool jobs, we hire year-round for positions throughout our four-star resort. To help you ace your interview Cheryl Lane from our HR department offers these tips.

  • It’s about attitude. At the M, we believe we can teach the job skills needed, but if you don’t possess the desire to assist guests with a friendly, positive attitude that’s often a deal breaker.
  • Appearance is important. As with any job, we’re looking for candidates who are well-groomed and professional in appearance. You’ll be representing our four-star resort and interacting with our guests.
  • Be confident. Again, this is about attitude. You may not be the most qualified or have the most experience, but confidence can take you a long way and it’s a quality that we look for.
  • Get to know us. Before your interview, check out our website at www.theMresort.com and www.daydreamlv.com and learn more about us. You’ll impress us with your knowledge of what we offer our guests.
  • Know who you are and what you can bring to our team. Candidates should have an “elevator pitch” ready to tell us who they are. Beyond telling us why they want to work for the M, candidates should be able to tell us what you can bring to our team.