2014 Casino Floor Update: Q&A with Vice President of Casino Operations and Director of Table Games

It’s said that change is inevitable and here at the M Resort, we’ve certainly had our share of change during the last month. We’ve opened two new restaurants (technically relocated one) and closed another. But, amidst all our culinary changes, what we haven’t talked about is one of the core aspects of our business, our casino. If you’re a regular casino guest you may wonder what we have in store for you in 2014 when it comes to our casino floor, slots and table games. To tell us, we sat down with our Vice President of Casino Operations Salinda Conklin and our Director of Table Games David Cox.

Here are some of the highlights:

M Blog: We update our casino floor every few months, changing the location of slot machines or table games and/or adding new machines for guests. What do you have planned in for our floor in 2014?

Salinda Conklin: We’ll continue to keep machines that perform well and are guests’ favorites, like Wheel of Fortune and Buffalo and we plan to bring in new machines that we think our guests might enjoy. There are a lot of licensed slot games coming out, like The Walking Dead, that are branded around popular shows. We’ll look at adding some of those games to our floor as well.

MB: In terms of table games, what can guests expect to see in 2014?

David Cox: $5 blackjack will continue, our locals love it and it’s been a good change for us. We’ll bring in new table games to try out too. This past year, we brought a game called High Card Flush to our floor. It gave our guests an opportunity to try a new game and it’s continued to do well. We intend to bring in new games like that in 2014. We’re also looking at increasing our Asian games.

MB: You mention increasing Asian games. Can you tell us more about this?

DC: We see a fair amount of Asian guests visiting our resort from Southern California and also local residents. With the introduction of our new restaurant, Jayde Fuzion, we anticipate seeing even more Asian guests and we want to be able to cater not only to their dining likes but also to their gaming preferences.

MB: Last year, we hosted a very successful Hollywood Poker Tournament. What are the plans to host this event again?

SC: Plans are already underway to host the tournament again in June. Last year, we had a tremendous turnout with over 600 players and a total prize pool of $1.4 million. This year, we’re already starting to hear buzz about the tournament and we expect another great turnout.

MB: Anything else to add?

SC: Our slot players can continue to expect more tournaments. With the addition last year of our Hot Slots Tournament Zone, we now have a location that’s convenient and that our players’ like for our tournaments. We are also getting ready for Penn National Gaming’s Marquee Millionaire national slot tournament series. We’ll host the championship event May 2-4 where qualifying players will have the chance to win $1 million.