What We’re Thankful For – The Sincere & The Fun

In honor of Thanksgiving this week, we’re sharing a few things that we’re thankful for; things that are sincere (like you and our team members) and things that are a bit more fun (like the Crab Rangoon in our buffet). We’re calling it our Week of Thanks Giving. Each day we’ll post something we’re thankful for on our Facebook page. Comment on the Facebook #MTHANKS post with what you’re grateful for and we’ll choose one winner daily to get some M swag and other fun items.

But enough about our Facebook page (like us if you don’t already!). Here’s a list of a few more things that we’re thankful for right now:

  1. {Sincere} You! We feel fortunate to be able to write this blog and have readers read our content. Similarly, we love to be able to connect with all our followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook. It’s a pleasure to provide information about our property and answer questions from all of you.
  2. {Fun} Crab Rangoon & spring rolls at Studio B Buffet. If you haven’t tried these little bites of goodness you’re missing out. We’re thankful they are on the menu and that they make our stomachs happy.
  3. {Sincere} Our back-of-house cleaning team. These are our team members that you don’t see who work hard to ensure our offices and work areas are clean and are as beautiful as they were four years ago when we opened. They do a phenomenal job and we’re fortunate to work in such a great environment.
  4. {Fun} Baby Cakes. This one almost goes without saying but we LOVE everything at Baby Cakes. On the days when we need a little caffeine-induced pick-me-up, it’s our go-to spot. From the coffee to the pastries, cupcakes and even gelato, the treats inside our patisserie can satisfy any sweet tooth and provide a little motivation to get through the day.
  5. {Sincere} Our special events team members. Between popular gift days (like this month’s hoodie giveaway) and weekly tournaments these team members do an amazing job assisting guests from start to finish.
  6. {Fun} Restrooms. If you’ve got to go, you’ll have no problem finding a restroom on our casino floor. We have LOTS of restrooms; inside our restaurants, outside our restaurants, by our hotel lobby and in our conference area. You name it; we’ve got a restroom by it.
  7. {Sincere & Fun} Same Day Pressing. Travelers rejoice! If you need the wrinkles out of your suit pants or dress shirt for an important meeting, our team has you covered. Plus, we have dry cleaning too.
  8. {Sincere & Fun} Gift Cards. Not everyone can give the gift of a four-star resort experience, but we’re thankful that we can.
  9. {Sincere & Fun} Spa Mio’s Black Friday. With deep discounts on retail products, spa services and gift cards this is an amazing sale and a great opportunity to stock up on pampering products. We love a great sale and we’re thankful for an opportunity to save money.
  10. {Sincere} To operate in Las Vegas. This is truly one of the best cities in the world and we’re proud to operate our resort-casino here.

Did we miss something you’re thankful for at our resort-casino? Comment on this blog with what you’re thankful for and head to our Facebook page for the chance to win some fun swag. THANK YOU for reading.