M Chefs Share Thanksgiving Favorites

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope each one of you reading is having a joyous celebration with your friends, family and loved ones making memories around plates piled high with rich and delicious food. Today is a holiday where you enjoy the food just as much as the company! To celebrate, we caught up with some of our chefs to hear about what they prepare in their kitchens and how they celebrate with their loved ones.

Gunter Taubert, Main Kitchen & Banquet Chef

Celebrating Thanksgiving has changed a bit over the years, but the one thing that remains the same, is that family is central to it. As a family, we prepare Thanksgiving dinner, with each person making a different part of our meal. As we come and go in the kitchen, cooking and baking, we laugh and tell stories. When all of the dishes are ready, we sit around the table enjoying the food and each others’ company; the laughter from Thanksgivings’ past change into the present and with luck, into the future.

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish:

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is our family’s stuffing recipe. The stuffing has pork roast, sausage and steak, so it is not a typical stuffing recipe. It’s delicious and the smell and flavors always brings memories of Thanksgiving’s past, when family and extended family spend all day together, eating and laughing.

Mark Sandoval, Anthony’s Burgers & Brews Chef

I usually work on Thanksgiving but when I do get the day off I enjoy cooking at home for friends and family, the more the better.  We enjoy some traditional and some non-traditional cuisine, but always have good wine. Foie gras and sausage stuffing always seem to make it into the line-up. I love pork products and have been accused of putting it into anything and everything, so there is always an abundance of bacon, belly, pancetta, or sausage involved.  I’m not really a dessert person, so I like to wrap it up with good wine and cheese.

Fondest Thanksgiving Memory:

My fondest memories of Thanksgiving are centered on the days that follow the holiday. My father used to make turkey with hatch green chilies, and a spicy béchamel layered with white corn tortillas. To this day I still think about that dish and how the table was silent when we ate it.  Who doesn’t like a turkey sandwich the day after Thanksgiving with stuffing and gravy?  Turkey soup, or pot pie always works well for me when we have a little left-over turkey.

Matt Borowski – Anthony’s Steakhouse Chef

Thanksgiving is about family; bringing people together and enjoying time spent together. My wife and I usually start preparing items and organizing in the morning with our kids. We love to get them involved in the kitchen, teaching them how easy cooking is so hopefully they grow up cooking for themselves and their families.

We usually have tons of family over and it’s always fun seeing what other family members have prepared and having conversations about it…of course during the entire day football is on the TV and the kids are assisting us with cooking and running throughout the house. We also have the kids, usually about 15-20 total once, all the family members come over, eat first then later all the adults eat. We sit, talk and drink for hours just having a good time and smelling all the delicious aromas!

Favorite Thanksgiving Dish:

I love it all. When I’m with my family and everyone get seconds or thirds it puts a smile on my face.

From our kitchens to yours, we hope you’re cooking up delicious food and making wonderful memories. Happy Thanksgiving!