How We Deliver Four-Star Service

One of the top comments we get from guests is about the service they receive at our resort. As a four-star rated property, we place a huge emphasis on guest service. But with nearly 1,400 Team Members, how do we motivate and educate them to continually deliver an exceptional experience to our guests? We set out to find out.

The Right People

It starts with the right people. We put a great amount of focus on hiring the right people for the right positions. Rigorous screening and group and one-on-one interviews help ensure we hire people that exemplify our service-oriented culture. Beyond screening, once the right people are hired we continually educate them on the importance of service starting with New Hire Orientation where all Team Members are trained specifically on customer service through role-playing and video presentations. Many new hires ask about the specific length of customer service training and our answer? It never ends! We continue to refresh our team members on the importance of guest service every day – it’s truly something to live and breathe.

Refresher Courses

It’s not enough to for us to just teach customer service once during orientation. Monthly, we hold departmental courses and quarterly we hold company-wide courses for every Team Member in a guest contact position. The courses cover everything from wait time to handling challenging situations and of course role play interaction.


It’s equally important (if not more important) to see our Team Members in action. Each month department trainers and managers observe the department’s Team Members’ interactions with our guests. They watch for a variety of things like if our Team Members use your name, greet you with a smile, offer knowledge about our property and anticipate your needs, among other things. The observations are then reviewed on a department level and communicated to Team Members.

Secret Shops

While our observations are known to our Team Members, our secret shops are not. Our managers and trainers secretly “shop” various departments every month to ensure our Team Members are continuing to put guest service into action. After the secret shops the scores are reviewed with the departments and team members and areas that need work are identified.

Feedback and Surveys

It’s just as important for us to hear how our team is doing from our guests and from our Team Members. We provide a variety of ways for our guests and our Team Members to let us know how we’re doing on service. For our guests, we extend surveys to those who stay in our hotel and to those who play in our casino. We also use third-party rating services, such as Forbes Travel Guide, and survey companies to provide us with feedback.

Our Continuous Improvement Program allows Team Members and management to work together to evaluate areas; improve wait times, service and overall customer satisfaction. Through our Service Culture Committee, Team Members are able to brainstorm and bring suggestions to management and also role play various guest service situations and desired outcomes to bring back to their departments for review.

Recognition Programs

An important part of delivering guest service is recognizing when our team delivers it well. We provide great recognition programs that showcase Team Members who go above and beyond the service and experience they provide to our guests. We have on-the-spot recognition, which is awarded to hundreds of Team Members each month randomly when we see exceptional service and also award outstanding service through the Team Members of the Quarter and Team Member of the Year Awards.

Investing in our Team Members

Between, training, recognition and education we spend several hundreds of dollars per Team Member on our service standards program. We also encourage our Team Members to further their education by providing a generous tuition reimbursement program.

We Have Fun

Lastly, while customer service is first and foremost, we believe in having fun. We throw some pretty great events including parties for our anniversary, Team Member appreciation lunches, holiday parties and more. It’s not uncommon to see our team members donning Halloween costumes and jerseys during football season or to see them out in the community through our M-Bassadors community service program.

Delivering an exceptional guest experience is what our team strives for day in and day out. If you’ve had a great experience with someone on our team, please let us know! Comment on our blog now.