Hop Aboard the Restaurant Express Bus!


If there’s one show you should watch this fall it’s Restaurant Express, premiering Sunday, Nov 3 at 9 pm ET/PT. You might already know, or you may wonder why our four-star resort would want you to watch a show on Food Network….let alone a very specific show.

Well…we’re the grand prize! Over the course of seven episodes chefs will visit different cities and locations traveling aboard the Restaurant Express bus, competing in challenges that test their culinary skills and business savvy as potential restaurateurs. After each challenge, host Robert Irvine, will review the contestants’ performances, with one chef being eliminated each episode. The final contestant standing wins an opportunity to become the executive chef of a restaurant at our resort.

In the premiere episode, Robert Irvine welcomes the nine chefs and aspiring restaurateurs to Las Vegas as they board the Restaurant Express bus. Right away the contestants realize there are only eight beds on the bus as they must pitch themselves and their dream restaurant concept to Robert. One chef’s vision comes up short as they fail to make it aboard and are left behind as the journey begins. For the next challenge, the competitors are charged with creating a restaurant with only $500 and six hours before they’ll be serving to a hungry crowd of 250 people. The challenge is all about profit, and Robert tells the contestants that the bottom three earners will have to face him in a review. Robert decides which other contestant will be sent home, with the remaining seven one step closer to their dream.

We’re pretty excited about the show and the opportunity to welcome a new executive chef to our culinary team as well as to develop a new restaurant offering for our guests. So, we invite you to watch with us starting in November!