Get Rewarded with Gifts

It’s no secret that if you’re a member of a casino loyalty program that you likely receive gifts. Gifts are way for casinos to reward you for your play and get you back to their property to pick up your gift.

At the M, we’re no different. We reward you with gifts and we ask you to pick them up. BUT what does make us different, are the gifts we give, the amount we give and our added perks like tastings on select wine gift days.

Here’s a look at what makes our gifts better than the rest:

You Get More. We give our guests more gifts than anyone else in town. In fact, in a given month, we average 65,000+ items given to our rewards members. This month alone we have 18 gift days!

In addition to giving you more gift days, we also give you the opportunity to earn more than one gift. Think your mom might like a stainless steel skillet or an M fleece blanket? Or maybe you’re building up your bar and could use a second bottle of wine or Hennessy Cognac. Just swipe your rewards card, earn the designated same day base points and get another gift. Plus, you keep your points when earning extra gifts (win-win!).

Our Gifts Are Unique. You won’t find similar gifts around town. Yes, we do have the t-shirts, coffee mugs and those sorts of gifts, but we also have one-of-a-kind collections where you can collect all the gifts to complete a set. An example? Our upcoming fall hoodies. The hoodies come in custom colors (Harvest Gold, Woodland Blue, Autumn Mist and Crimson Leaf) created exclusively for us. Maybe you fancy wine over apparel, throughout this month, we had gift days for our FlipFlop wine collection where you could collect four different FlipFlop wines.

We Give You Perks. Not only do we give you liquor and wine as a gift, but we let you taste it first. On select liquor and wine gift days we have tastings, usually from 5-7 pm. We also have drawings for bonus prizes like t-shirts, golf bags and barbecues.

As with most rewards clubs, you’re rewarded with gifts based on play. Better play equals more great gifts. If you’re not a rewards card member, you can sign up at our property at Player Services. Plus, if you sign up now, new members get up to $1,000 in free play.