Buffet Parties…the Latest Craze?

Craze might be a little premature, but we think parties inside a buffet are certainly craze-worthy, particularly if the parties are inside our award-winning buffet’s private show kitchen.

We all know when you’re planning a party or an event family members, meeting attendees and friends can sometimes be hard to please. Whether it’s the venue, the food or the invite list, everyone has their opinion.

Enter…the buffet party. A party at a buffet has a number of benefits.

It pleases the picky and the abundant eater. At Studio B with have more than 200 dishes, unlimited beer and wine and ahh-mazing pastries and gelato. Between the salads, pastas, Asian fare, carving stations and desserts it’s not hard to find something delicious for even the pickiest eater…and go back for it again and again.

It pleases the “invite everyone” organizer. Our buffet has more than 600 seats and while we can’t guarantee that your party will sit next to each other in the main buffet, we can guarantee everyone can sit together if you book the show kitchen. Located within our buffet, the show kitchen offers private buffet accommodations for up to 70 guests!

It pleases the “there’s not enough to do” party-goer. We’d be surprised if your party-goer said there wasn’t enough to do at our four star resort. Between our award-winning spa and salon, slot machines and table games, sports book, seasonal pool and entertainment lounge, once they’ve gotten their fill of food, there’s a place for them elsewhere at our resort.

So, let’s get the buffet party craze going. Book your next wedding rehearsal dinner, family reunion, birthday party or team building event inside our buffet’s private show kitchen. The stadium-style seating, television video monitors and state-of-the-art sound system make it great for cooking demonstrations or business meetings. But the biggest perk? There’s no waiting in the buffet line. If you’ve reserved the show kitchen then you walk right in, making for a happy host and happy guests.

Studio B Buffet is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To view hours and pricing click here. To inquire about renting the show kitchen, call 702-797-1880.