A Cut Above: Meet Danielle Engle

Can a new hairstyle, cut or color really make you feel better about yourself? Danielle Engle is a firm believer that it can. Danielle is one of the hairstylist extraordinaires at Spa Mio, our four-star spa and salon. And with eight year of hairstyling under her belt, she knows great hair can change a person’s entire outlook. We sat down with this fun-loving, salsa and chip eating stylist in between her clients to talk hair trends, tips and hair care.

What do you love most about being a stylist? I love making people feel good about themselves. It’s amazing what a haircut or a color can do! As a stylist, you get to see that instant gratification and it’s a great feeling.

What do you consider to be your hair strengths? I love highlighting, blondes and cutting.

Have you cut any celebrity’s hair? I’ve done a few notable people – Stacy Kiebler, the owner of the San Diego Chargers and Erin Brockovich, but for me it’s not about styling celebrities’ hair. I really take pride in my regular clients and the relationship that I build with them. I love working at Spa Mio and the family environment that we have here is truly one-of-a-kind.

For the everyday woman, what is one style tip you’d give them that they might not already know? Every person’s hair is different, but I would say to her – don’t be afraid to go a day or even two without washing your hair. The natural oils from your hair are the best. If you do tend have oiler hair then use baby powder or dry shampoo.

How important is hair maintenance? It’s very important. One of the best things you can do for your hair is use a conditioning treatment. Kerastase has a wonderful mask that I always suggest to my clients. You don’t need to do a conditioning treatment every week, but at a minimum you should do a treatment, whether at a salon with a stylist or at home by yourself, at least once a month.

What trends are you seeing for fall? Low-lights are always popular in the fall. People like to go darker. I think the sock bun will continue to be popular and I’m also seeing shorter hair becoming popular again as a cut.