The Almighty Oyster

Oyster Rockefeller

They’ve been considered one of the world’s ultimate luxury foods, along with caviar, foi gras and champagne. Oysters may not look like much from the outside, but on the inside they’re wonderfully succulent and delicately flavored. Whether you have them “Rockefeller” style, stewed, fried or starring in their own soup, oysters have had their place as a culinary offering for thousands of years.

The oyster has also been long thought to have aphrodisiac properties, but surprisingly very few studies have been conducted to validate the claim. Oysters are high in calcium, protein, iron as well as zinc. Zinc controls progesterone levels which have a positive effect on the libido, so there actually may be some positive side effects to enjoying them!

Fanny Bay Oyster

The Oyster Bar at the M Resort will give you ample opportunity to experience the freshest varieties based on season. According to Oyster Bar Chef Matt Borowski, we’re serving up Fanny Bays and Kumamotos from British Columbia and Beusoleils from New Brunswick right now. “Fanny Bays have a mild brine flavor and Beausoleils are the perfect starter oyster,” says Chef Borowski. “Kumamotos are sweet and flavorful.”

Soft Shell Crab

Visiting the Oyster Bar is a continually new experience, as not only does the variety of oysters change, so does the other seafood specialties with every season. Explore other seafood sensations such as soft shell crab, which is in season right now but only for a few weeks. Every few days tuna from Hawaii, shrimp from Mexico and clams from California are brought in as part of the seafood bounty to be had at the Oyster Bar.

Sushi is also a popular choice at the Oyster Bar. The experienced chefs will custom make your order, particularly if you have food allergies, are going Vegan or are just up for something a little different. “The M Girl Roll is definitely the most popular selection on the sushi menu, made with shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber and jalapeño, topped with spicy tuna,” says Chef Paul, one of the talented culinary experts at the Oyster Bar. Paul loves his work as well as pleasing his guests.  Don’t be surprised if that includes an impromptu classical music serenade.

Seafood Gumbo

Have you visited the Oyster Bar lately? Stop in and meet our talented and friendly chefs who are more than happy to show off their precision knife skills and delicious dishes. Make sure to try the soft shell crab and our other seasonal specialties. We’ll tempt your palate now with a look at the Oyster Bar menu: