Luxury Hotel Housekeeping

Janie Novinger, Executive Housekeeper at M Resort

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, Las Vegas offers over 150,000 hotel rooms ranking it among the top cities for accommodations in the world. The M Resort has 390 resort rooms and suites and our Housekeeping team has set the standard for impeccable accommodations and extraordinary guest service. We spoke with Executive Housekeeper Janie Novinger who told us that our team members are regularly recognized by guests in comment cards and surveys by name for their friendliness and keeping their room orderly.  Just how does the M Housekeeping team accomplish this day in and day out? Here’s the scoop from our expert.


According to veteran housekeeping executive Janie Novinger, who has spent the last 35 years in the industry, Guest Room Attendants, or GRA’s, are trained for an entire month before being placed on regular daily work assignments. During that time each GRA must become familiar with the entire resort, in addition to their other duties so that they may provide the highest level of assistance to our guests. Their extensive training is fashioned after Forbes Travel Guide standards, recognized as one of the foremost hospitality ratings resources in the world. M Resort follows the Forbes standards set for five star resorts. Every room receives the “white glove” test, which includes making sure that all amenities and even the living plants in each room are dust-free and aligned to strict specifications. While GRA’s are taught a variety of housekeeping duties, the number one priority is guest service and satisfaction. During their month of training, every room is reviewed with a 100 point inspection sheet. They are given feedback daily, and upon completion of their training, they receive a certificate of their well-deserved accomplishment.


Janie gives her management team full credit for the success of their department. “They really deserve all the credit,” she said. “They have consistent, open communication with each of our GRA team members who maintain the property.” They also review each of the Forbes Five Star standards weekly with GRA’s to ensure that efforts remain consistent. During these extensive reviews, GRA’s take part in group activities and team members are awarded for a job well done. Upon completion of the training process, the room inspections don’t end. Janie says, “Effective and timely feedback is really the key to making it all happen and to ensure that our guests receive the best experience possible at the M Resort.”

Gina Espinoza, Team Member of the Year Awards 2012

Taking Pride

This team is exceptionally proud of their work and their rooms. The stringent inspection scoring that M Resort requires of its GRA’s requires diligence and an eye for detail. GRA’s are recognized each and every time a guest singles them out by name or room number. It should be noted that a member from Housekeeping has been honored in all but one Team Member of the Quarter Awards and a member has won Team Member of the Year every year since M Resort opened.

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