Best Poolside Drinks

With the Summer Solstice just three days away, we’re ready for summer to officially begin. One of the best things about longer sunny days is pool time and cool summer drinks. We revamped our pool menu this year to tantalize the taste buds of our guests, and we’re giving you our best picks for this season.

Ultimate Root Beer Float

This adult frozen treat is a favorite poolside and the perfect pleasure in 110º heat. It’s a twist on a traditional favorite featuring SnoBar’s Brandy Alexander ice cream. Brandy and crème de cacao are married with premium dairy in a deliciously rich ice cream with 3 Olives Root Beer Vodka and root beer, of course. This delectable drink packs a punch in a souvenir mug when you order the Ultimate version of this fun frozen treat.

The Hot Mess

Since we’d rather DayDream then go to Rehab, we’re solving our Sunday mornings with a Hot Mess. This drink has a kick of a different sort since it’s made with fresh jalapenos. Ciroc Coconut Vodka makes it a cocktail adults dream about while the Agave Nectar and fresh watermelon juice take the bite out of the spicy jalapenos. What makes this one even better for the ladies? It’s pink, of course and no one can argue with that.

The Shot-Ski

Our shot-ski is what turns any day spent poolside into a party. Originating from the University of British Columbia, it’s an actual ski with four shot glasses in which our lovely Girls of DayDream will assist. Plus, we have a special shot-ski menu AND when you purchase three shots, you get the fourth one free! You can’t get this special anywhere else as DayDream is the only club in Las Vegas that offers the shot-ski. The most popular shot this summer according to our Director of Daylife & Nightlife, Joe Bravo, is Fireball Canadian Cinnamon Whisky. With its fiery cinnamon kick and smooth whisky finish, it’s like atomic candy in your mouth.

If you’ve already graced our pool deck this summer, what’s your favorite drink on our menu? Let us know what we may have missed!