A Warehouse Blowout for All

This Saturday at 10am marks our resort’s first Warehouse Blowout for all iMagine Rewards members and we couldn’t be more excited!  We’ve emptied our onsite warehouse and we’re bringing everything down to the Milan Ballroom for our guests to take their pick of available gifts.

While the typical minimum amount of same day points required to earn a gift is 500 base points, we’ve dropped that to 350 same day base points for this special event. Guests may begin earning points toward gifts at 12:01am on June 8 until 7pm that evening. Plus, you can earn up to five gifts per person!

All members, new or existing, must earn 350 same-day base points on ANY machine to participate in the event. If you received a postcard in the mail, you must still earn your gifts by playing and earning 350 same-day base points. If you’re a Brown “M” card holder, you are entitled to early admission at 9am on Saturday.

Who knows, some of your favorite gifts of the past may show up at the blowout, plus your favorite M T-shirts and golf shirts will be part of the gift mix. Unfortunately, since gifts go fast and are all based on limited quantities, you won’t be able to preview the gifts available.

If you’ve participated in our warehouse blowouts of the past, you can only imagine the extraordinary amount of gifts available since we’ve moved it to the Milan Ballroom this time around, which is a whopping 17,324 square feet!   We wanted to be sure we could accommodate the gifts and our guests!

Remember, even new Rewards members are able to take advantage of this exciting event. That means guests can sign up for a Rewards card anytime between now and Saturday at Player Services and let the gift earning begin! Plus, all new Rewards members have the opportunity to win up to $1,000 in free play just for signing up. Members earn one point for every $1 played on all slot and most video poker machines, and every 333 points equals $1 in comps. Use your them for cash, comps, or free play!

If you’d like more information about the best players’ club in town, please follow this link and let us know how we compare! http://bit.ly/l6GGa9 We hope to see you this Saturday for the Warehouse Blowout!