What Concierge Can do for You

To say that we’re big on guest service at our resort may be an understatement. We aim to go above and beyond each and every time you visit. Having an outstanding concierge team assists us in meeting those goals. Our concierge eagerly goes beyond our guests’ expectations to create a memorable experience through flawless service. So, why should you use concierge?

The Little Things

The concierge will always assist guests with even the little things. Maybe you arrived at our hotel and forgot to send your mother flowers for her birthday.  Or it’s your wedding anniversary and you want flowers delivered to your room. Our intuitive and engaging concierge will take that to the next level. They will have them delivered to your dinner table after they’ve set up the dinner reservation for you and advised the restaurant manager about your anniversary celebration. Don’t be surprised if a special dessert miraculously arrives at the end of your meal as a result. Perhaps you just need to rent a car, get driving directions or have your boarding pass printed. Concierge can assist you with all of these things and more.

Vacation Planning

Did you know you can contact your hotel concierge before your arrival? If you’re coming to town for the first time or it’s been a long time (and we all know how quickly the Las Vegas landscape changes) our concierge can assist you with planning your entire stay. Whether you need show tickets or bus tickets to take in the Grand Canyon or you’d like to get on the list at an exclusive Vegas hot spot, reserve a cabana at DayDream Pool Club, or need recommendations on the best casual, Italian restaurant with a patio, concierge can assist. Additionally, they can arrange childcare, airline tickets, or a car for hire.

The Big Things

The bottom line is that concierge can do anything up to and including arranging for a helicopter to fly you to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to take in the NASCAR race. They can go beyond the reaches of your imagination to turn your stay into a five-star experience because they relish in it and are passionate about the true meaning of guest service. They can even help make a marriage proposal an extravagant event.

The concierge is a wealth of information and experts in what they do which is a timesaver for you and will save you money in the end, especially if you’re experiencing a new city for the first time. Best of all, that wealth of information is available to any guest and is absolutely free. We do recommend showing your appreciation for their time and effort by providing a gratuity to commend them for a job well done.

Are you interested in using concierge before your arrival? Click here to plan ahead before your next stay: http://bit.ly/14TLvlB.