The Best Burgers this Side of the Las Vegas Strip

When Anthony’s Gourmet Burgers & Brews opened, we don’t know who was more excited, our team members or our guests. Gourmet burgers at an affordable price can be hard to find in Las Vegas, but Burgers & Brews is just that – an incredible burger at an incredible price. And what goes better with an incredible burger? How about a perfectly paired brew? In celebration of National Burger Month, we talked to Kyle Erickson, manager of Burgers & Brews to get his take on some of their fine burgers that are available. And don’t forget, all burgers served at the restaurant are served on a homemade bun with sliced vine ripe tomatoes, and a whole kosher dill pickle. Plus, these 10 oz burgers are made from 1855 Brand™ Premium Beef.

The Micro Burger

This burger is the most popular burger at the restaurant and it’s easy to see why. Seasoned with lemon pepper and topped with sliced avocado, New Belgium Fat Tire braised tomatoes, micro greens, and fresh goat cheese, this burger is all about the meat and the greens. It’s the perfect choice to get your taste buds to open up and savor a good gourmet burger.

The Imperial Burger

This royally-named burger is certainly the king of burgers. First it’s seasoned with salt & pepper and next topped with short ribs braised in Sam Smith’s Oatmeal Stout. This is the ultimate meat lover’s burger. Add the sliced mushrooms with carmelized yellow onions and gruyere cheese and this burger is a feast for the eyes and the stomach.

India Pale Ale Burger (I.P.A.)

When we asked Kyle what his favorite burger was, he was quick to respond.  “My favorite is the I.P.A Burger. Just like an India Pale Ale, this burger has a lot of flavors that work perfectly together.” If you like your burger hot and kicking, this is definitely the burger for you. This burger is first seasoned with BBQ Spice. Next it’s topped with roasted hatch chilies; Firestone Union Jack IPA battered fried jalapeno pepper slices and pepper jack cheese. All of these flavors married together deliver the perfect spicy burger.

What is your favorite burger on Burger and Brews’ menu? If you haven’t seen it, you can take a peek here: