Team Member Spotlight: Ziggy Pawlowski

Name: Ziggy Pawlowski

Age: 56

Position: Beverage Manager

Morning, noon, and night Ziggy is bound to be somewhere at the M Resort, whether on the casino floor or even back of house. After all, he handles an entire division of 90 cocktail waitresses, bar backs, and bartenders whose job it is to assist guests and provide four-star service on a daily basis.

Not new to our city or new to the food and beverage industry, Ziggy is a staple at our resort and likely someone you may already be familiar with as he was once our assistant manager at Anthony’s Prime Steak & Seafood. We wanted to know more about this fun and likable beverage manager. Here’s what we learned:

Vegas native… No, but I’ve been in Las Vegas for 22 years. I live in Boulder City and I am very happy there.

When I’m not working I’m… There are so many things! Right now my house is in a constant remodel. We most recently worked on our kitchen and our living room. I also love to drive, which is probably why I don’t mind the commute from Boulder City to the M. And, since I love music, you might find me at Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary Roman Catholic Church. For 12 years I was the Choir Director for the 2 o’clock mass. I spend a lot of time with my dog, and my partner, too.

Nevada Tartan Emblem

Something interesting about me is… I designed the Nevada State Tartan. Each color in the plaid represents Nevada and what makes it unique and beautiful. I’m also a licensed minister. I love marrying people! It’s always an honor to be a part of something so special. And, I design lights to music. It’s a lot of fun and it’s truly enjoyable.

How did you get your start in food and beverage? I started in high school as a porter. I cleaned the commissary dining room, and you tend to gravitate to what you’re familiar with. I enjoy working with guests, so it’s always been a good fit for me.

Which do you enjoy more… food or beverage? I like both. They are very challenging in different ways. When I was in food, I worked more directly with guests, and now that I’m in beverage, I work directly with our team members.

You’re a workaholic aren’t you? Let’s just say I’m not happy until the work is done, even if it takes forever and a day!

Favorite drink is… a vanilla milkshake.

What do you like best about working at M? I appreciate having a team that supports what I do and gives me the opportunity to grow.