Extraordinary Design Details

When the M Resort opened in 2009, we knew it was something special with its contemporary architecture and extraordinary interior design. Since then, there are several design features that continue to awe us. Here’s a look at a few of our favorites:

The Floating Marble Staircase

We could have put in an escalator, but the dramatic affect just wouldn’t have been the same. Instead, located just off our hotel lobby and leading down to our four-star spa and pool deck, we opted for a magnificent floating marble staircase. A lot of work went into achieving the illusion that the staircase is floating. In fact, the staircase was actually cast in place and the concrete poured into it. Next, it was fitted with stone risers. The vertical and horizontal stone members on the underside were mechanically fastened to the concrete to give the illusion of solid block stairs. That’s what makes this modern marvel such a neat thing to look at.

The Sheer Amount of Steel

We have an insurmountable amount of stainless steel throughout our resort. We have it in the lobby, the casino, and on every floor in the hotel (Note: you can find giant steel M’s on the east end of every floor). For those of you in interior design, the stainless steel we use is considered a number eight polish finish which is equivalent to a mirror finish. It’s noted for its high reflectance and ability to make things feel lighter. And, it sparkles. Our extraordinary staff spends time every day making sure it shines for our guests.

The Imported Italian Marble

All the marble throughout the entire resort was imported from Italy. “Each individual piece of the marble for both the exterior and interior walls was drawn, dimensioned, labeled, and created in such a way that it would go up like a puzzle,” says Bryan Taylor, Vice President of Design for Marnell Companies, the design-construction firm that built our fabulous resort. “All of these details meant that very little cutting had to be completed on site during the actual installation of the stone,” he added. Even the pieces that surround doors and windows were measured and sized for those particular spaces. If you’ve walked our property, you’ll note that marble is everywhere from the floors, to the walls in the lobby and the corridor, as well as the valet.

The M Bar’s Chandelier

Lastly, did you know our incredible chandelier in the M Bar is made almost entirely of little “M’s”? Next time you’re relaxing at our center casino bar, look up. This gorgeous chandelier is 16 feet tall and has 13 tiers of crystal! There are three different colors of crystal that make up the chandelier however the actual amount of crystal is a mystery because there is A LOT!

Do you have a favorite design element at our resort? Let us know!