Committed to Our Guests & Our Environment

Besides our focus on exceptional customer service and memorable guest experiences, at the M Resort we also embrace sustainability as part of our duty to protect the environment. We recognize that environmental sustainability is a long-term journey, not a short-term endeavor and we’re as committed to helping our environment as we are to delivering four-star service to our guests. So in celebration of Earth Day on April 22 we wanted to share just a few of the things we’ve done and continue to do to preserve the environment.

When we opened our doors four years ago as a cutting edge resort-casino we knew incorporating environmentally sound initiatives was a must. In fact, the mere design and materials used to build our resort were chosen specifically because of their low environmental impact and cost-savings, like our glass.

Our hotel is entirely made of glass; however, it is a special glass. It is a double-glazed tinted glass with low-e coating. So, what does that mean? Heat and A/C loss may be cut in half! In addition, the tint reduces the effect of glare. Also, due to the tint, the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass is half that of a single glazed glass. And, something that our guests may have noticed is that though it’s tinted, it has a visible transmittance closer to that of clear glass which maximizes the amount of natural light throughout the resort. 

In addition to the exterior materials used to build our resort, inside, each hotel room is fitted with a WattStopper. It is a little black box in which our guests insert their room key upon entering. Once the room key is inserted, the lights automatically come on. And, when the key is removed, the lights will turn off in approximately 30 seconds. Though you must insert a key, each light is still operated by an actual light switch, so our guests are still able to decide which lights they will use at what time – just like at home. Managing our lighting digitally offers consistent, optimal energy-efficient performance with immediate gain.

“Be water smart,” is a phrase we hear in the desert southwest all the time. So, that’s why we have Xeriscaping here at our resort. Xeriscaping is a way of landscaping which reduces the need to rely on water from irrigation and also uses plants that can tolerate our local weather pattern. Since Las Vegas gets less than 10 inches of rain per year, watering must be efficient in order to minimize evaporation. Plants like the Red Yucca, Deer Grass, Indian Hawthorns and Agave flourish in our valley with very little water.

Some other ways we’re being water smart is our Linen Reuse/“Go Green” initiative. Our guests are given the opportunity to forgo their linen and towels being changed by placing a “Go Green” door hanger outside their door daily. In exchange, we give our guests $5 each day they choose to “Go Green” to use at Spa Mio, our four star spa and salon, or for food and beverage during their stay. It’s our little way of saying “Thank you!” for helping us in our cause to be environmentally-conscious.

Have a question about our sustainability practices? Just ask! Meanwhile, what things are you doing to conserve waste, energy or water?