The Sweetest Man We Know

Marco Cossio truly is the sweetest man we know. Literally. As the M’s new Executive Pastry Chef, Marco leads our team of pastry chefs whipping up delicious treats from breads and chocolates to sugar sculptures and cakes. A recent USA Pastry Chef Gold Medalist (2011), Marco has been perfecting his craft since he was 18 years old owning and operating his own bake shop and then working at major Las Vegas Strip resorts.

“I fell into the pastry business by accident. I started working as a dishwasher in a bakery shop,” said Cossio. “I watched and learned how the chefs decorated the cakes and made the sugar sculptures and I thought it was all very interesting.”

It wasn’t until a customer came into the shop to find that the cake she had ordered was not finished that Marco got his break. He jumped at the chance to finish decorating the cake, impressed his boss and pleased the customer.

Since then, Chef Cossio has appeared in several leading industry magazines talking about desserts, sugar and chocolate show pieces and his experience in high volume banquet desserts. You can taste his delicious desserts throughout property including at our patisserie Baby Cakes and our award-winning buffet, Studio B.


Several weeks ago we asked our Facebook fans to send us questions for Chef Cossio. Read below for his answers to some your burning pastry questions.

Q: What is the secret to a flaky delicious pie crust? – Kristen Davis

Two things, do not over mix dough after adding the flour and use call water when doing any pie crust recipe.

Q: My baked goods seem to get browned on the bottom way too quickly and then the top portion is under-baked. I even put the cookie sheet on the top rack but that doesn’t help. Is it the non-stick pan I’m using? Should I use some kind of liner? Should I reduce the temp? – Judy Bol Van Fossen

Your oven may be too hot. Next time, try lowering the temperature and you may also want to use a nice thick liner to bake your goods.  

Q: I love your Italian doughnuts. How about making some with jelly? – Chipper Derosa

We try to be as authentic as we can, and traditional Italian doughnuts are not made with jams; American ones are!

Q: Can we keep the strawberry short cakes on the menu? – Carrie Threatt

We’re currently reviewing all our pastries in all our venues and I’ll certainly keep that in consideration when we do the next menu!