Secrets to Getting What You Want from Your Hotel

Imagine you arrive at your hotel at 1am only to find out there are no more non-smoking rooms available. Or maybe you just got married and you’re ready for the honeymoon to begin, but your hotel has no more king beds available. Perhaps you’re traveling across the country with your family including three children and you need connecting rooms. You check in at your hotel, but it’s sold out and there aren’t two rooms available on the same floor.

While these scenarios might not exactly describe what you may have experienced, it’s likely that similar scenarios have played out once or twice in route to your dream vacation. So how can you prevent these experiences from happening to you? Read on for some of the secrets to getting what you want from your hotel, straight from our front desk team.

How do I get the best room available in the hotel? 

Be nice.  It sounds silly, right?  But, the outcome of where you sleep begins with your conversation with the Front Desk agent who’s checking you in. Even if you’ve had the worst flight of your life, the agent checking you in will inevitably want to make your stay more comfortable if you’re nice about it. People always want to go above and beyond for someone who’s genuinely nice to them.

How do I get what I want?

At the M, our front desk team recommends you call to book your reservation. It’s always better to talk to someone than to book online. By speaking to someone directly, it allows the reservation to become more personalized. This way, you’re able to make certain requests with the reservationist like a high floor, close to the elevator, connecting rooms, or handicap accessible if you need it. Maybe you’re here for your wedding anniversary or a birthday; the reservationist is able to note these special occasions on your reservation for the Front Desk staff. Your request isn’t guaranteed but our four-star team always goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our guests.

But I thought my room was guaranteed?

Yes and no. It is guaranteed that you will have a room to sleep in, but it is not guaranteed that the room will be non-smoking, have a king bed, be close to the elevator, or be non-connecting.  This goes back to the question above. If you don’t talk to someone about your reservation, don’t assume. Even if a hotel overbooks, hospitality law states that they will transfer you to another hotel that is equal to or better than the one you booked.

How can I make my stay more enjoyable?

Take advantage of the services offered. Maybe you’re in town for a week and have never been to Las Vegas or it’s been a long time since your last visit to the Entertainment Capital of the World. The M’s concierge can assist you in planning your trip with ease including where to eat, shop, and what shows to see. The concierge can plan your stay from the moment you deplane to the moment you head back to the airport. Most concierges also suggest you call ahead.  Find out what your city has to offer you before you arrive at your hotel. Also, use the bell desk. You’ve just traveled across the country or from another country. Allow the bellman to take your bags up and give you a proper tour of the room. There’s nothing worse than not being able to figure out how to work the blinds or the lights.            

What do I do if there’s a problem?

First, speak to the Front Desk. M’s front desk team is trained and empowered to assist our guests, solve problems, and make your stay more enjoyable. If we aren’t able to assist, we’ll get the manager on duty to assist you. This goes for most hotels across the country. Remember, the Front Desk wants to help you!

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