Raise Your Glass to Free Wine

Come 5 pm on any given weekday we’ll venture to say that you may need a bit of wine to toast to the day’s successes or relax and reflect on improvements for tomorrow. Lucky for you, at 5 pm, four nights a week, we’ve got you covered. We’ll pour you a complimentary, yes that means FREE, sample of wine inside our wine bar, the Hostile Grape.

Every night a different wine is featured from our Hostile Grape wine list. Even better, the complimentary wine tasting calendar is featured on our website so you can mark your calendar for something you’ve always wanted to try. Pair that with the sophisticated and intimate ambience Hostile Grape offers with its cool wooden wine cask decked ceiling and you’ve got a real wine bar in the truest sense.

Even when the tasting is over at 6 pm, the fun doesn’t stop. Our wine bar features 160 different wines by the glass and over 400 wines by the bottle for you to sip, sample, and swill. Plus, if you like modern gadgets, the Hostile Grape is one of only a few wine bars to feature the Enomatic wine dispensing system. Guests of the Hostile Grape can purchase a wine card, insert it into the machine, and continue their wine tasting adventure selecting one, three, or five ounce pours of varietals from around the world including Germany, France, Spain, and even New Zealand!

If a free sample of wine, more than 160 wines by the glass and an awesome atmosphere aren’t enough to get you down to the Hostile Grape the wine bar also offers live entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 7 pm. And the entertainment is as unique as the wine bar itself. You won’t find a bumping DJ down there and forget about having to yell at the person across from you. Instead it’s acoustic, soul, and intimate. The perfect spot to sip and enjoy something like the Pinot Noir featured tonight by Garnet from California.

We hope you’ll join us for our free wine tastings and if you can’t make it, we hope you’ll at least pop the cork on your favorite wine this weekend. Cheers!

Complimentary wine tastings featuring a select wine each day are offered inside the Hostile Grape from 5pm-6pm Wednesday-Saturday.