Our “Best Of” Property Picks

It’s that time of year again. The battle lines have been drawn regarding what resort, restaurant, bar, and more are the best in Las Vegas. For a different take, we thought we’d bring you some of our “Best Of” property picks.

Best View of the Las Vegas Strip

At 400 feet above the strip, our view of the valley is more than incredible – it’s spectacular. There is nothing like Fourth of July in one of our Strip side rooms. Not only can you see the fireworks spewing off the top of the Stratosphere, but also in almost every neighborhood and city park in the valley, too. The view is nothing short of amazing. When Vegas experiences one of its many summer lightning storms, it gets even better. You can enjoy Mother Nature from inside your comfy hotel room as the lightning stretches from the clouds above to the ground below.

Best Suite

If you’ve taken a look through our website, we have three different suite layouts available for our guests to enjoy. Though the Loft Suite is award-winning and the largest at 2,400 square feet, we think our smallest suite, the Classic, may just be the best. First, it’s functional. At 1,100 square feet, its rectangular shape allows for rollaway beds should you need them for additional guests and it offers a most comfortable couch with a chaise lounge not available in our other suites. Second, the bar area is located over marble instead of carpet. So if anyone has too much fun, the spillage ends up on the marble instead of the carpet (which means no room damage fee). You add that up with a 15th floor view of the Las Vegas Strip, and you have not only the Best Suite, but the Best View, too.

Best Drink

We asked our Beverage Manager, Ziggy Pawlowski, and he says that even after four years, the M Fantasy is still the best selling drink off of our specialty menu – hands down. So, what makes it the best? If Stoli Blueberi Vodka, Silk Road Plum Sake and muddled blueberries don’t get you excited, it’s also topped with an edible orchid. It’s sweet, smooth, and it’s gorgeous!

Best Dessert

Although our vanilla crème brulee is our best-selling dessert, we think our absolute best dessert is our Peanut Butter Pie. It’s rich. It’s decadent. It’s sinful. Your taste buds will be screaming with delight after just one bite. It’s available at both Anthony’s Prime Steak & Seafood and in a mini version which we love at Anthony’s Burgers & Brews. We dare you to try it the next time you come by.

Best Souvenir

Our Vice Shop and Essentials shop have plenty of fun things to offer from f-shirts and handbags to onesies, hats, and even Nike® brand M golf balls. But if we were going home, we thought we might take something a little unconventional. Our luxury spa, Spa Mio has something we can’t do without – candles made in signature scents! You can take home scents like Love Spell and Green Tea. These candles are hand poured and made from soy oil. The burning candles emit no toxins into the air and have a 30-hour burn time. Even better, the melted candle is warm to the touch, not hot, and can be used on the skin!

Did we miss something that you think is a best of pick at our property? Let us know!