Four-Star Service & Four-Star Team Members

Every year we honor team members who went above and beyond to assist you, our guests, consistently throughout the year, as well as uphold our standards and serve their peers with courtesy and respect. A team member from each division is recognized for their outstanding performance and awarded a crystal trophy, a handsome check, and a one-night stay in our award-winning Loft Suite with dining. This year’s nominees enjoyed a surf ‘n turf luncheon high atop our resort in LUX, our 16th floor event venue. Dessert was prepared by our extraordinary culinary team and our senior leadership was in attendance, including our president, Anthony Marnell III. Photo ops weren’t missed! Here’s a look at our extraordinary Team Members of the Year.

Darren Webster: 2012 General and Administrative Team Member of the Year

It has been said that Darren Webster’s value is immeasurable. Having started as a Field Officer for our Security team, he is now a Security Lead. He has been recognized several times within his own department and can often be seen staying late and coming in early when there aren’t enough officers to cover. He understands that the safety of our guests is number one, and continues to work hard to achieve his goals.

Gina Espinosa: 2012 Hotel Team Member of the Year

Gina Espinosa can be seen in the hallways of our hotel as a member of the M’s Housekeeping team. She keeps our hotel rooms clean and looking fabulous every day so our guests are able to enjoy themselves as soon as they arrive. She is meticulous in her work and an amazing and supportive team member. She is truly a joy to work with and our guests think so too, having received numerous commendations throughout her time at the M.

Dean Elliot: 2012 Gaming Team Member of the Year

Dean Elliot is a team player. He likes his work and loves his guests. He has set a tremendous example for other Table Games team members by working with all levels of management in both his own department and other departments. He is helpful to all team members and is constantly offering new ideas to improve the guest experience and the efficiency of his team.

Ralph Cua: 2012 Food & Beverage Team Member of the Year

It is always an honor to recognize those team members that fully understand that there really is no “I” in “TEAM.” Ralph Cua is that person. He is friendly, helpful, respectful, and gives 110% all the time to his team and its success. He’s as special to our guests as he is to us, having been mentioned many times in guest commendations over his two years at the M.

If you recognize any of these team members, share a time when they made your stay incredible.