Love in a Martini Glass or a Frosty Mug

Love can be found in various places. It just so happens that we found it mixed and poured into a martini glass and some other types of glasses! With the calendar day dedicated to love (February 14) quickly approaching we thought we’d scope out (and sample) our beverage menu and provide you with a round-up of the best romantic cocktails this side of the Las Vegas Strip. Here’s a look at our favorites based on appearance, taste and overall fit for Valentine’s Day.

The M Fantasy. With a name like the M Fantasy, naturally, this hand-crafted cocktail tops our list of romantic drinks. Made with Stoli Blueberi Vodka, Silk Road Plum Sake and muddled blueberries and topped with an edible orchid it doesn’t get more romantic than this. Sweet to the taste and pinkish-purple in appearance, this drink is a guest favorite and a must-try on Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter.

Chocolate Raspberry Martini. Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be complete without a little chocolate. Made with Three Olives Chocolate Vodka, White Chocolate Godiva Liqueur, Crème de Cocoa and Chambord, our Chocolate Raspberry Martini provides the perfect combination of raspberry fruit flavor and rich chocolate. Did we mention chocolate is an aphrodisiac?

We didn’t want to forget our beer lovers so the following two picks are beer cocktails served at our beer bar 32°.

Black Forest Cake. Rich, creamy and full-bodied, this beer cocktail screams decadence. Made with Guinness, cake flavored Vodka, cranberry juice and grenadine float this cocktail is the perfect celebratory treat.

Double Chocolate. With a name like Double Chocolate one would think this would be rich and creamy. Instead, this beer cocktail is light and well-balanced with a chocolaty aroma. Made with Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and Lindeman’s Raspberry Truffle Framboise, this is the perfect marriage of chocolate raspberry and ale.

Have you tried any of the above or do you have a romantic cocktail to share? Leave a comment and tell us about it.