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You Want to Be a Blackjack Dealer?

So you’ve been playing blackjack your whole life or maybe you’ve been playing non-stop since you got the bug several months ago after a trip to a local casino.  Regardless, you know the game inside and out and your magical shuffle can entertain even the most critical audiences.

Now you want to utilize your talent and launch into a career as a Blackjack dealer.  Do you have what it takes?  Do you have the skills necessary to be successful?  We chatted with David Cox, M Resort’s Director of Table Games to get some pointers on what makes a good Blackjack dealer.  Here is what he had to say:

“The Blackjack dealer is in charge of the entire game including dealing the cards, handing out the chips and paying the winnings.  So as you can imagine, a good Blackjack dealer has to be on top of his/her game at all times.   Since the dealer is the house, everyone is trying to beat you.  You must be able to keep track of fast paced movement, sum up the game quickly and have the ability to see card patterns.”

Of course practice makes perfect.  Working with the cards, shuffling and developing your own style will be key to your success.  Dealers create a following based on their personality and ability to entertain the players.  This will be the one deciding factor as to whether you are a good dealer or a great dealer.

Above all, a dealer is a friendly, charismatic representative for the casino, so your social skills definitely have to shine! Many regular players have their favorite dealers and they are one of reasons that they keep coming back!

Poker Do & Don’ts: Tips for Making your Poker Run a Success.

Poker has exploded in the last few years to become extremely popular. Tournaments like the World Poker Tour are now on ESPN. Poker has invaded every day culture. With that said, more and more people are trying their hand at the game. Usually you see a list of tips for these new players, but it is often just as important to know what not to do at a poker table as well. To help a person’s game evolve and improve we sat down with Poker Room Manager Todd Buechler to get the dos and don’ts of winning at the table.

Don’t Play Every Hand

Sure, it’s exciting to be a part of the action and stay in every hand, but let’s face it, not every hand is a good hand. Choosing to fold is making a calculated decision to manage and maximize your funds. Money not lost, is the same as money won.

 Don’t Bluff Just for the Sake of Bluffing

Bluffing is a part of the game, but it takes skill to know the perfect time to bluff as well as who to bluff against. “Oftentimes beginner players feel they need to bluff, just to bluff. They think it’s a necessity of the game,” said Todd. “In reality, no one says you need to bluff a certain number of times or even at all. It’s all about knowing who you’re playing against and picking the right opportunities.” Bluffing has always been a critical aspect of poker. As your experience playing poker grows, so will your knowledge of the opportune times to “run a bluff.” Winning a pot with nothing should be its own reward. Showing the table that you pulled off the bluff is very rarely recommended.

 Do Play at your Own Comfort Level

If you’ve been playing really well at the $2/4, you may want to move up to a $4/8 game. Just remember, generally the higher the limit the better the players. The best way to improve your game is to play with skilled players and watch what they do. However, don’t play with “scared money”. If you cannot afford to lose the chips that are in front of you, you will not be playing your best game. If the $2/4 game allows you to have fun, without sweating the loss, then you’re at the correct level. The stakes that you play for should be high enough to keep you interested, but low enough that you’re comfortable with the swings that inevitably come with playing poker. Don’t play at a higher limit just to impress someone you’re with.


Up Close and Personal with The Jeremy Cornwell Project

After coming off a successful Labor Day Weekend performance at the Ravello Lounge, The Jeremy Cornwell Project settles in for a month-long stint with us at the Resort. The M Point of View staff sat down with Jeremy to get an inside look at one of Las Vegas’ up and coming acts and to get his take on being called “the ones to watch”

Here is what he had to say:

 M: Your musical passion didn’t start until you were in college. Tell us what inspired you to become a musician?er to write my experiences, I felt like nothing in the world could bring me down.  From there I turned my writing into music. The first time I performed that music live, it was such an incredible high that I was hooked…

JC: The first time I put pen to paphat inspire

 M: You’re known for your musical “looping” technique.  Tell us about that process.

JC: I started looping when I moved to Vegas because I wanted to perform but couldn’t find a band. I wanted to create a sound that was bigger than just my voice and my guitar and that’s when I discovered looping.  Looping is building each song piece by piece by layering in the various sounds from base to drums.  I still include a song using this technique in my live performances even with my band, which is awesome. 

 M: We hear you’re working on a new CD.

JC: Yes, I’m working on my first album with a full band.  The songs have more lyrical depth than my first CD and I’m breaking in some dance tracks too.  Definitely something to shake your tail feather!

 M: With so many song choices, how does you choose what to perform each night?

JC: I look for timeless music as well as the hits that allow me to put my personal spin on them and energize the audience.  We also take requests so no two shows are quite the same.

M: If you had one thing to say to your fans- what would it be?

JC: Thank you…without you I wouldn’t exist.

Celebrate Labor Day by Letting the M do all the Work!

Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday of September each year and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Of course, most people just think of this as an extra day off, but it’s really a tribute to all the hard work we do all year. This Labor Day celebrate by letting the M do all the work!

The Jeremy Cornwell Project cranks it up in Ravello beginning Labor Day Weekend, Friday, August 31st and Saturday, September 1st. If you have friends or family in from out of town, this is the perfect way to show them a night out without breaking the bank. There’s no cover and drinks are fairly priced.

Labor Day weekend isn’t the same without a little pool action! We continue our Free Admission Fridays for locals at the pool August 31st. Come relax in one of our water lounge chairs placed directly in the pool or up the ante with a poolside daybed or cabana. Top it off with one of our famous flavored mojitos and you’re really in for some fun and relaxation.

September also kicks off the beginning of wine season. Marinelli’s Italian Restaurant inside the M has an extensive wine list that ranges from simple house wines to full-bodied vintages that even the most discerning wine connoisseur can enjoy.

If you’d rather entertain friends and family at home, the M can help with that too! Our Feasts-To-Go are a perfect addition to your get-together.  You are able to choose an entrée, five accompaniments, and a dessert. Depending on your selections, you can have a gourmet feast for up to 10 people starting at $129! Make sure you give the chefs 48 hours advance notice to ensure your feast is ready. They are available 7 days a week from 12pm-8pm.

No matter how you choose to spend your extra Day off, the M can help take your celebration up a notch!


Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails

Summer is winding down but there is still a chance to sip on some refreshing summer cocktails. The pool and the bars here at the M Resort have added some delicious new cocktails this year that will help you relax and enjoy the remaining days of summer.

John Daly

Named after the famous golfer, this drink is the alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer. The pool put a new twist on an old favorite by substituting for Belvedere’s new Lemon Tea Vodka for regular vodka.


The classic mojito is a simple, but flavorful mixture of rum, sugar, muddled mint, and club soda. At the pool you can also try flavored varieties such as vanilla blueberry, strawberry banana, coconut peach, or raspberry. Inside at M Bar, try the blackberry mango version which also is sure to delight.




This is another classic drink known all over. To make the drink more light and summery, the pool offers a white sangria, complete with fresh fruit. A full pitcher can be had for a mere $25 so you can share the good times with friends.

M Fantasy

While this drink is served in bars inside the hotel, it is no less refreshing. The carefully crafted martini uses muddled blueberry, plum sake, and blueberry vodka to create a cocktail that is as flavorful as it is smooth. Garnished with an edible, organic orchid, this cocktail is a pretty as it is tasty.


M Cider

You may think of cider as a fall afternoon drink, but this berry and melon flavored version served at 32 Degrees Draft Bar is light and crisp and therefore perfect for the summer time.


A refreshing alternative to a heavy beer is another popular classic served up at 32 Degrees Draft Bar and Anthony’s Burgers and Brews is a Shandy. Add a little Sprite to your favorite beer and fortify it with a shot of citrus vodka for a fizzy summer treat. We suggest using lighter beers to bring out the citrusy flavor.

If none of these drinks suit your fancy, the bartenders at the M are expert mixologists who can craft the perfect summer drink to your taste.



A Look Inside our Flat Suite

Situated at the end of every floor at the M Resort is a nearly 1,500 square foot luxury retreat called our Flat Suite. Usually reserved for our VIP casino guests, we thought it’d be fun to give you a peek into the suite life.

Our Flat Suites offer stunning 270 degree views of the city, mountains, and the Strip. Its unique shape offers spaces for entertaining guests, relaxing, and working with enough room to entertain up to 20 guests comfortably. The furnishings are fresh and contemporary and with a television in the bathroom’s mirror you don’t have to miss the action when you’re soaking in the jetted tub.

The entire master bathroom is outfitted in a way that makes you feel like you’re in your own mini spa. Each suite also has a half bath with its own sleek furnishings. The half bath is near the connecter to a luxurious Resort Room. This takes the suite up a notch and adds another 550 square feet.




Another unique feature of this suite is the large etched-glass sliding doors that separate the bedroom from the living and entertaining area. These sliding doors take advantage of the unique shape of the suite and allow the panoramic view to be unobstructed from the bedroom.
Everything about the suite lets you know that you’re on vacation. From the premium quality Bose sound system, to the automated drapes and the fully-stocked mini bar, the M has thought of everything to make your stay more enjoyable. Whether you’re in Vegas for business or pleasure, having a well-appointed room to unwind in can make the trip that much better.


Best Ways to Cool Down in the Desert


It’s August in Vegas and we’ve got some fresh ways to enjoy the summer and beat the heat– from cool pools, to cool brews and even soothing spa services.

Since the weather’s great most of the year in Las Vegas, you can take advantage of the pool scene until October so taking a dip in a spectacular pool should definitely be on the stay cool list!

The M Pool is known for its spacious deck and upscale amenities. Daybeds provide a front row view that’s perfect for people-watching and offers a convenient way to take a dip.  VIP cabanas are equipped with a personal whirlpool hot tub (that can fit up to four of your friends), flat screen television, ceiling fan and a refrigerator to keep all your favorite libations cold. For an alternative to cabanas and daybeds, take up residence in one of the water chairs that are placed directly in the pool to get the best of both worlds.  But you need to be quick, water chairs are issued on a first-come, first-served basis!

DayDream Pool Club at M Resort is another pool alterative that’s open exclusively for adults 21 and over every Saturday, Sunday and Monday and provides its own brand of poolside fun.  The party gets into full gear with a list of celebrity DJ’s setting the scene for mixing and mingling and enjoying frosty libations around the ice-railed bar or hand-delivered to you by one of the friendly servers.

There are plenty of ways to cool off indoors too.  Pamper your summer skin with a Tropical Fruit Polish Massage just steps away from the pool inside Spa Mio.  There’s a reason this spa is one of only 105 in the world to be awarded with the Four Star award:  Impeccable service and amenities are a mainstay at this must-try spa.  The one-of-a-kind Tropical Fruit Polish offers a saltmousse exfoliation treatment and incorporates papaya-pineapple or mango passion fruit to soothe and brighten your skin.

If getting out of the sun means catching the biggest sports games, then 32° Beer Bar is your ticket.  Not only can you catch all the sports action on too many screens to count, but you can have your pick of over 90 select and craft beers on tap at the coldest temperature in town.  Classic lagers, ales and even stouts are on the lengthy menu for both the discerning beer authority or if you just want to order your favorite cold one.  Either way, staying cool in the dessert could be easier and a lot more fun than you ever thought!


Going All In – Responsible Gaming Week

It’s Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW) here at the M Resort and at casinos and gaming companies nationwide. Held annually the first week of August, RGEW is an opportunity of us to educate our team members and guests about gambling responsibly on a larger and more visible scale.

Taking our lead from this year’s theme of “All In”, we’re going “All In” with our efforts to educate. Throughout the week, we’ll be testing your gaming knowledge and in turn awarding prizes including an M Resort “All In” Getaway. The Getaway includes a two-night stay, spa services for two in the resort’s four-star spa and salon, access to the state-of-the-art fitness center and a complimentary pool cabana. Entering to win the getaway is easy. Just visit our website and answer four responsible gaming questions. (Don’t worry, they aren’t too hard!) Submit your answers, fill out the entry form and you’re entered! We’ll award complimentary buffets to 50 people who entered and at the end of the week we’ll award one lucky winner with the Getaway.

Here’s a look of one of the questions and we’ll even give you the answer!

True or False: If someone plays a casino game longer, they can expect to lose less.

A. True

B. False

Answer: False. Because the odds always favor the casino, the longer or faster a person plays a casino game, the more the person should expect to lose. For example, if the house advantage on a typical slot machine is 10 percent, then, on average, a player will win back $90 for each $100 wagered. However, if this player then re-wagers the $90, the player will again win back, on average 90 percent of $90, or $81. As the betting continues, over time players are more and more likely to lose money rather than win.

Of course, our RGEW festivities don’t stop with just the getaway giveaway. Throughout this week you’ll also see our team members wearing responsible gaming t-shirts and we’ll be testing their knowledge daily with trivia, a game show and online training. We’re also asking our team members to share with us what responsible gaming means to them. We just might pick some of their answers and share them with you here on the blog.

Happy gaming!

Tips on Tipping

In a city built on service it’s no surprise tipping is a big part of the culture, much more than in any other city. A little tip given to a Las Vegas worker can go a long way to making your trip that much more enjoyable. Here are a few quick tips (pun intended) to help you decide what is appropriate.

Cocktail Server – $1-$2 per drink. Yes, this is per drink and not per round. Giving $2 the first round, but perhaps only $1 every following round will help her remember your drink, and to come by more often.

Food server  – 15% at lunch and 20% at dinner of final bill. This applies if your bill is comped as well. You want to give at least 20% of what your bill would have been in those cases. Remember, the house may have been gracious enough to give you food for free, but no one works for free.

Bellman – $1 to $2 per bag. If your things are extra heavy you may want to throw in one to two dollars on top for good measure.

Valet – $1 – $5. $20 if you want it “up front.” In many major cities you pay a hefty price tag just to park. In Vegas, valet is “free” so you will want to give the valet a few dollars.

Dealers – $5 per hour.  You should tip whether you’re winning or losing. Dealers pool all their tips for an entire shift so choosing to forego a tip for one dealer affects all the dealers, even the ones you like.

Pool Attendant – $1-$5. If they provide you with extra towels, chairs, or move a heavy umbrella, anything you can spare is appreciated.

Housekeeping – $1 to $2 per day. Tipping a few dollars the first day may get your some extra care, but generally, leave the money in an envelope clearly marked HOUSEKEEPING at the end of your stay.

Taxi/Limo Drivers – 10-15% of fare. This can get tricky because some are paid to take you certain places, so be wary of their recommendations, but if a driver gets you to your location without taking you on an impromptu tour of the city, a reasonable tip is expected.

In-Room Indulgence

Sugar, spice and everything nice – that’s what our in-room snacks are made of at the M. Our refreshment center offers just the right mix of healthy options and indulgent snacks stocking everything from berry blossom trail mix and cashews to gourmet chocolate chip cookies and Peanut M&Ms.

Mariann Clemens, Room Service Manager at the M, is responsible for the healthy treats and sinful snacks. “I believe we have just the right mix of healthy and indulgent snacks. There are places that have opted to go completely healthy, some even with organic and gluten-free options, but we’ve seen that our most popular snacks continue to be the candies and the chips; the Peanut M&Ms and Pringles.”

According to Clemens, there’s just something about being away from home that tempts travelers to break open these tasty treats. While Peanut M&Ms and Pringles remain guests’ favorites, they’re often accompanied by beverages. Water is our most popular refreshment (no surprise since we’re in the desert!) but we also offer liquors, beers, sodas and mixers.

So next time you’re kicking back and relaxing in our rooms don’t be shy about indulging in a little sweet treat. Just give our refreshment center a call and that Snickers….or if you prefer, bag of cashews, can be yours in minutes.

What’s your favorite in-room snack while you’re traveling?