Holiday Party Planning Tips

Planning a holiday party?  We’ve got some great advice and tips from the pros on planning the perfect party where even you, the host, can have a fabulous time this season.  Whether you’re planning a get together for a few close friends and family or have been put in charge of the entire company holiday blowout, there are a few tricks of the trade that we wanted to share, including a few from some famous party planners.

Go with the flow.

Dina Manzo, best known as one of the “Real Housewives” and who also has a thriving interior design and party planning business, says you really can have a party where everyone enjoys themselves and the host gets to enjoy the fun too.  “Just roll with it.  Remember that, unlike on reality TV, you’re not going to be judged or kicked out of your family if things don’t go perfectly.  Nobody knows what you had planned except for you!  So accentuate the positive and let go of any concerns or disappointments before you open the door to your first guest.  A host who is relaxed and happy ensures a good time will be had by all!”

Details count.

David Tutera, party planner to the stars…like Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, and Matthew McConaughey says that, “a memorable party is all in the details so don’t skimp on presentation with your cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  Use a butter curler to create ribbons to dress up bread and a chocolate shaver to create fancy shavings to garnish desserts and specialty drinks.”

Try something new.

Get some new ideas for your party by surfing online for fresh ideas or pick up a home décor magazine.  Look around and you’ll be amazed how a photo might inspire you to a new theme or a twist on your holiday menu.

Organize early.

You can never start planning too early!  Make a list for everything from menus to décor.  Freeze foods you can make ahead and decorate before you get caught up cooking.  Enlist good friends to lend a hand and help clean up too!

Make it meaningful.

Know your guests. Plan activities that suit the style of your party and your guests.  If they like DIY projects, have an ornament making party or gingerbread-decorating bash.

Get help from the pros.

Consider having your party in a venue other than your home.  M Resort’s LUX is the ideal location for events with friends and family as well as corporate holiday parties.  Treat them to LUX’s spectacular views 400 ft above the Las Vegas Strip.  Plus, the holiday décor will already be done for you!   Booking a party is easy and right now you’ll also enjoy competitive pricing, no room rental fees, and 30% off hotel rates (based on availability.) M Resort will take care of all the details and you’ll get more time you’re your guests.  Contact an M Resort Catering Representative at 702.797.1919.