Inside the Pump Room at M Resort

Ever wonder just how that ice-cold beer really makes its way to your glass at the M Resort?  Whether you’re at 32° Draft Bar or at the M’s other destination bars, it may seem as easy as your bartender pulling a lever, but your favorite brew makes a trip around the M before filling up your glass.  All of M Resort’s tap beers come from what is called the “Pump Room.”  Beverage Manager Ziggy Pawlowski took us on a tour of this all-important destination that supplies the entire resort with more than 98 varieties of beer.

The Pump Room is located on the lower level of M Resort away from the main casino and the property’s restaurants and bars, which is probably a good thing, considering the temptation it would be for all you beer aficionados.   As you approach the room you’ll notice several temperature gauges, each confirming the temperature behind a massive walk in cooler that registers 32 degrees.  So, when we say that we offer the coldest beer on tap, we’re not kidding.  Better be prepared with a coat and gloves to stave off the chill before opening the cooler door, particularly if you plan on staying there for any length of time.   Once inside, you’ll find close to 150 kegs situated within row upon row of shelving.  Miles of tube running from each of the kegs through a complicated system in the ceiling ensures that you will get your exact beer selection.   We couldn’t help but ask Ziggy what he considered to be the most notable beer M Resort has on tap in the vast pump room — although locating it might be just as impressive. “Our beers change regularly but one we currently offer is Moa Imperial Stout.  It’s from New Zealand and is aged in Pinot Noir casks.  This selection was also the official beer of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  M Resort is the first location in North America to carry this variety.”  The good news is that this special variety is available on tap at 32° Draft Bar but hurry, it will be offered for a limited time!

While touring the room, a constant hum is heard that is similar to a refrigerator but several decibels louder.  A continual clicking sound was added to the audio mix which Ziggy pointed out were the taps being pulled from the upstairs bars — a signal that there are a lot of beer lovers at the M!  So… next time you order a beer on tap at the M, you’ll have an idea of the journey it takes before landing in your glass.  Bottoms up!