Up Close and Personal with The Jeremy Cornwell Project

After coming off a successful Labor Day Weekend performance at the Ravello Lounge, The Jeremy Cornwell Project settles in for a month-long stint with us at the Resort. The M Point of View staff sat down with Jeremy to get an inside look at one of Las Vegas’ up and coming acts and to get his take on being called “the ones to watch”

Here is what he had to say:

 M: Your musical passion didn’t start until you were in college. Tell us what inspired you to become a musician?er to write my experiences, I felt like nothing in the world could bring me down.  From there I turned my writing into music. The first time I performed that music live, it was such an incredible high that I was hooked…

JC: The first time I put pen to paphat inspire

 M: You’re known for your musical “looping” technique.  Tell us about that process.

JC: I started looping when I moved to Vegas because I wanted to perform but couldn’t find a band. I wanted to create a sound that was bigger than just my voice and my guitar and that’s when I discovered looping.  Looping is building each song piece by piece by layering in the various sounds from base to drums.  I still include a song using this technique in my live performances even with my band, which is awesome. 

 M: We hear you’re working on a new CD.

JC: Yes, I’m working on my first album with a full band.  The songs have more lyrical depth than my first CD and I’m breaking in some dance tracks too.  Definitely something to shake your tail feather!

 M: With so many song choices, how does you choose what to perform each night?

JC: I look for timeless music as well as the hits that allow me to put my personal spin on them and energize the audience.  We also take requests so no two shows are quite the same.

M: If you had one thing to say to your fans- what would it be?

JC: Thank you…without you I wouldn’t exist.