Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails

Summer is winding down but there is still a chance to sip on some refreshing summer cocktails. The pool and the bars here at the M Resort have added some delicious new cocktails this year that will help you relax and enjoy the remaining days of summer.

John Daly

Named after the famous golfer, this drink is the alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer. The pool put a new twist on an old favorite by substituting for Belvedere’s new Lemon Tea Vodka for regular vodka.


The classic mojito is a simple, but flavorful mixture of rum, sugar, muddled mint, and club soda. At the pool you can also try flavored varieties such as vanilla blueberry, strawberry banana, coconut peach, or raspberry. Inside at M Bar, try the blackberry mango version which also is sure to delight.




This is another classic drink known all over. To make the drink more light and summery, the pool offers a white sangria, complete with fresh fruit. A full pitcher can be had for a mere $25 so you can share the good times with friends.

M Fantasy

While this drink is served in bars inside the hotel, it is no less refreshing. The carefully crafted martini uses muddled blueberry, plum sake, and blueberry vodka to create a cocktail that is as flavorful as it is smooth. Garnished with an edible, organic orchid, this cocktail is a pretty as it is tasty.


M Cider

You may think of cider as a fall afternoon drink, but this berry and melon flavored version served at 32 Degrees Draft Bar is light and crisp and therefore perfect for the summer time.


A refreshing alternative to a heavy beer is another popular classic served up at 32 Degrees Draft Bar and Anthony’s Burgers and Brews is a Shandy. Add a little Sprite to your favorite beer and fortify it with a shot of citrus vodka for a fizzy summer treat. We suggest using lighter beers to bring out the citrusy flavor.

If none of these drinks suit your fancy, the bartenders at the M are expert mixologists who can craft the perfect summer drink to your taste.