Tips on Tipping

In a city built on service it’s no surprise tipping is a big part of the culture, much more than in any other city. A little tip given to a Las Vegas worker can go a long way to making your trip that much more enjoyable. Here are a few quick tips (pun intended) to help you decide what is appropriate.

Cocktail Server – $1-$2 per drink. Yes, this is per drink and not per round. Giving $2 the first round, but perhaps only $1 every following round will help her remember your drink, and to come by more often.

Food server  – 15% at lunch and 20% at dinner of final bill. This applies if your bill is comped as well. You want to give at least 20% of what your bill would have been in those cases. Remember, the house may have been gracious enough to give you food for free, but no one works for free.

Bellman – $1 to $2 per bag. If your things are extra heavy you may want to throw in one to two dollars on top for good measure.

Valet – $1 – $5. $20 if you want it “up front.” In many major cities you pay a hefty price tag just to park. In Vegas, valet is “free” so you will want to give the valet a few dollars.

Dealers – $5 per hour.  You should tip whether you’re winning or losing. Dealers pool all their tips for an entire shift so choosing to forego a tip for one dealer affects all the dealers, even the ones you like.

Pool Attendant – $1-$5. If they provide you with extra towels, chairs, or move a heavy umbrella, anything you can spare is appreciated.

Housekeeping – $1 to $2 per day. Tipping a few dollars the first day may get your some extra care, but generally, leave the money in an envelope clearly marked HOUSEKEEPING at the end of your stay.

Taxi/Limo Drivers – 10-15% of fare. This can get tricky because some are paid to take you certain places, so be wary of their recommendations, but if a driver gets you to your location without taking you on an impromptu tour of the city, a reasonable tip is expected.

4 Responses to Tips on Tipping

  1. LucD says:

    Your Spa Service provider(Massage, facial, hair, pedicure, manicure, …) : 15 to 20%

  2. lizray621 says:

    Massage therapists, estheticians, nail technicians, make up artists? 20% of the service price.

  3. M Social Media Team says:

    Thank you for reading and commenting! That’s a great addition that we forgot to add.

  4. glux says:

    don’t forget that poker dealers should be tipped as well….they do not pool their tips, standard should be at least $1 per hand when you win a hand. 10% or more for any bonuses you get while playing poker to the dealer that dealt the hand to you.

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