In-Room Indulgence

Sugar, spice and everything nice – that’s what our in-room snacks are made of at the M. Our refreshment center offers just the right mix of healthy options and indulgent snacks stocking everything from berry blossom trail mix and cashews to gourmet chocolate chip cookies and Peanut M&Ms.

Mariann Clemens, Room Service Manager at the M, is responsible for the healthy treats and sinful snacks. “I believe we have just the right mix of healthy and indulgent snacks. There are places that have opted to go completely healthy, some even with organic and gluten-free options, but we’ve seen that our most popular snacks continue to be the candies and the chips; the Peanut M&Ms and Pringles.”

According to Clemens, there’s just something about being away from home that tempts travelers to break open these tasty treats. While Peanut M&Ms and Pringles remain guests’ favorites, they’re often accompanied by beverages. Water is our most popular refreshment (no surprise since we’re in the desert!) but we also offer liquors, beers, sodas and mixers.

So next time you’re kicking back and relaxing in our rooms don’t be shy about indulging in a little sweet treat. Just give our refreshment center a call and that Snickers….or if you prefer, bag of cashews, can be yours in minutes.

What’s your favorite in-room snack while you’re traveling?