Going All In – Responsible Gaming Week

It’s Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW) here at the M Resort and at casinos and gaming companies nationwide. Held annually the first week of August, RGEW is an opportunity of us to educate our team members and guests about gambling responsibly on a larger and more visible scale.

Taking our lead from this year’s theme of “All In”, we’re going “All In” with our efforts to educate. Throughout the week, we’ll be testing your gaming knowledge and in turn awarding prizes including an M Resort “All In” Getaway. The Getaway includes a two-night stay, spa services for two in the resort’s four-star spa and salon, access to the state-of-the-art fitness center and a complimentary pool cabana. Entering to win the getaway is easy. Just visit our website and answer four responsible gaming questions. (Don’t worry, they aren’t too hard!) Submit your answers, fill out the entry form and you’re entered! We’ll award complimentary buffets to 50 people who entered and at the end of the week we’ll award one lucky winner with the Getaway.

Here’s a look of one of the questions and we’ll even give you the answer!

True or False: If someone plays a casino game longer, they can expect to lose less.

A. True

B. False

Answer: False. Because the odds always favor the casino, the longer or faster a person plays a casino game, the more the person should expect to lose. For example, if the house advantage on a typical slot machine is 10 percent, then, on average, a player will win back $90 for each $100 wagered. However, if this player then re-wagers the $90, the player will again win back, on average 90 percent of $90, or $81. As the betting continues, over time players are more and more likely to lose money rather than win.

Of course, our RGEW festivities don’t stop with just the getaway giveaway. Throughout this week you’ll also see our team members wearing responsible gaming t-shirts and we’ll be testing their knowledge daily with trivia, a game show and online training. We’re also asking our team members to share with us what responsible gaming means to them. We just might pick some of their answers and share them with you here on the blog.

Happy gaming!