Sweet Sips

There are some of those days here in Vegas (like the hot summer ones) when you just want something cold and sweet to drink. We have many different treats to help cool you down but some of the sweetest offerings can be found exclusively at Baby Cakes Patisserie. Baby Cakes is stirring up treats like milkshakes and Italian sodas for our guests to sip and savor during the summer (and year round).

Our shakes are anything but vanilla, the gelato and sorbet used in each creamy treat is homemade right here at M. Baby Cakes can whip up a shake with your favorite flavor or a mix, using our eighteen different gelatos and sorbets and other ingredients. The milkshakes themselves are crafted by blending whole milk with our delectable frozen sorbets and gelatos. They can blend together anything you desire, one of their signature shakes the Java Rush features Baby Cakes’ signature coffee, chocolate chip gelato, espresso and espresso beans all topped with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce.

If you’re a fan of something a bit more tart, an Italian soda will do the trick. You can create your own treat using a combination of fifteen different flavored syrups including Raspberry, Candied Orange, Lime and Banana. Or, choose from one of Baby Cakes’ featured sodas, Cherry Limeade, Peaches ‘n Cream, Orange Creamsicle and Summer Breeze. The Italian sodas are prepared with flavored syrup, Perrier and half and half floated on top of the drink.

Smooth, sweet and cold, these treats are just the ticket to keeping you cool in our sweltering summer days.