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Hotel bathrooms have come a long way from the days of being merely functional. Few surprises are delightful as discovering the room you just checked-in to has a stunning, marble-clad sanctuary waiting behind its door. And let’s be honest, there’s just something so relaxing about knowing that all of those plush towels will be washed for you. Here at M, we’ve come up with luxurious ways to cater to your very basic needs. Hold on to your shower caps as we take you through some of the coolest features of our hotel rooms’ lavish lavatories.

The start of an extravagant restroom is the material used to make it. The basis of our bathrooms (like the rest of our resort) is imported Italian marble. Our bathrooms are outfitted with marble floors, marble vanities and even marble showers. The showers themselves are entirely glass-enclosed giving a wet-room style feel and the ability to take a steam shower. Aside from showers, every room also has its own separate bathtub.

More than 70% of our guest rooms have a view of the Las Vegas Strip, but 100% of our posh powder rooms feature deluxe standalone tubs with their very own outlook of more than just the bathroom sink. A window (with a retractable privacy shade) is located in front of the tubs in our Resort Room, Executive Resort Room and Classic One Bedroom Suite giving guests a breathtaking view through their suite and out onto the Strip or mountains. Our Flat and Loft Suites feature freestanding spa tubs located directly in front of windows, all with Strip views.

If a view isn’t the only thing you want to look at, glance over at the mirror located above the sink. That black square you see isn’t a smudge; it’s actually a television screen that’s inlaid into the glass. These decadent features are bound to make you want to skip right to our “loo” during your next visit to the M. Do you have a favorite feature in our restrooms? Leave us a comment below and tell us about it!