Eye Candy

“Don’t play with your food!” a phrase all too familiar coming from moms across the world. Our confectionary team doesn’t just play with their food; they transform it into museum quality works of art with sugar sculpting. These beautiful centerpieces catch your eye and your sweet tooth. Made completely out of sugar, our sculptures give a whole new meaning to the term “eye candy.”

Resembling intricate glass art pieces, sculpting is an art form that our confectionary team has mastered. The sculptures are made out of isomalt, a sugar that’s reconstructed to resist crystallization and absorption of humidity. Even with reconstituted sugar (isomalt) the shelf-life of these masterpieces can range from two days in more humid climates to a month in drier conditions.

Similar to glass blowing, sugar can also be blown, pulled and cast into the formation desired. Some sugar art is practically indistinguishable from their inedible counterpart. Like glass, sugar sculptures are very fragile and require the utmost care when being transported, even if they’re only being moved a few feet.

To make a sugar sculpture, sugar is cooked to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the sweet substance reaches about 290 degrees, color is added and boiled into the mix.  Color is always added sparingly since the shade can always be darkened by adding additional dye but cannot be lightened without starting the process over again.  After the ideal temperature is reached, the mixture is poured and set out to cool until it can be worked by hand.