Reinventing the Wheel

On your next visit to M, you might spot something a little different in our table games pit. We’re always working to bring the newest and most innovative gaming options to our hotel and we’ve got a brand new exciting twist on an old favorite. Premiering exclusively at the M Resort is TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Double Action Roulette™. Our casino is the very first in the nation to offer this game and it’s ready for you to take a spin!

Double Action Roulette™ is changing the way roulette is played. One spin on the double wheel delivers two winning numbers, offering twice the action of its traditional counterpart. As far as appearance is concerned, it looks very similar to a roulette wheel, but has an additional spinning wheel on the outer edge, which turns the opposite direction of the main ring. The table has two identical betting areas, one for each of the two sets of numbers on the wheels. There is also a special side bet that pays out 1200–1 when the two winning numbers are the same.

The game itself was developed and patented by one of our own Team Members, Richar Fitoussi, Vice President of International Marketing at M Resort. Richar came up with the concept for Double Action Roulette™ back in 1993 when he was a roulette dealer. “I would often deal to high rollers that always wanted to play two wheels at the same time. They were jumping back and forth between roulette tables. I saw the need for a game that would cater to their desire to play two games at once,” Fitoussi shared.

It’s no easy process to turn a gaming concept into a reality. Fitoussi tried for many years to get Double Action Roulette™ onto the casino floor. “First, I worked on many different designs. When I had it just right, I brought it to the gaming convention here in Las Vegas. There was a lot of interest, but it took about four years to get Double Action Roulette™ patented. There was a lot of trial and error to find the right company to manufacture and represent the game, but luckily I had the opportunity to meet Roger Hawkins, the CEO at TCSJOHNHUXLEY. He really put a lot of effort and interest in getting the game on the market.”

After the game was manufactured, the next step was placing it in a casino. “I came to Anthony Marnell III here at the M. He was incredibly supportive and offered me the opportunity to premier Double Action Roulette™ at M Resort. I look forward to seeing the success of the game at M and in Las Vegas!”

Double Action Roulette™ is Richar’s first foray into the gaming design realm. Other than his own creation, his personal favorite game to play is traditional roulette.

We invite you to test out our newest addition at the table games pit, exclusively at M!