Pack-up & Carry-on: Smart Things to Bring in Your Carry-On

No matter what means of travel you take before you arrive at M, chances are you have to pack a bag (or two) to get here. First things first, a great carry-on bag will be your best friend! The travel-savvy know that a well-packed carry-on can help you avoid those every increasing checked bag fees and hold ups in baggage claim. But what should go into that bag of yours? If you’re always on the road or just the occasional traveler, these items will help get you through business trips and weekend getaways alike.

Charge Up
There’s no more distressing sight than watching a full battery on your favorite electronic device slowly drain during a long trip. Keeping a universal charger with you can help your battery (and spirit) levels remain high, even if there are no power outlets in sight.

Keep it Comfy
After trekking through the airport and standing in long security lines, your feet can get a little tired. Once you’ve settled in on the plane, kick off your shoes and slip on a fresh pair of slippers or socks. Keeping a pair of socks in an easy-to-reach pocket will make for a more comfortable (and fresher) flight experience. Your seatmates will appreciate it because no one likes a pair of bare feet in closed quarters.

Find a Distraction
Load up your favorite tablet or e-reader before hitting the road (or the skies). Saving your favorite books, music and movies onto an electronic device will spare some valuable packing space in your carry-on and they’ll help those long trips to pass quickly by keeping your mind occupied.

Cancel Out
Do you always dread getting seated next to a noisy baby on an airplane? It won’t matter how boisterous your neighbor is if you bring a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. These travel companions are a must for enjoying your favorite tunes as well as ignoring all other distractions around you. They also can double as earplugs, if you’re planning to sleep.

Fresh and Clean
Bags can (and do) go missing through travel and we can’t think of a more refreshing feeling than having all of our toiletries with us, in case of disaster. With airline restrictions, be sure to always pack the travel-sizes of your favorite items. Plus, if you throw in an unwrapped bar of soap it will keep your bag smelling nice and fresh. There’s nothing worse than everything you packed reeking like a plane and it will put those fancy hotel soaps (like the ones that come in our rooms) to good use.