Keeping Things Frosty

The sun can be brutal, especially on that perfectly crafted cocktail you just ordered at our pool deck. But don’t worry; we’ve got something special to keep your drinks cold.  If you look carefully at the bar at DayDream Pool Club, you might notice something a little icy. The frozen strip running the length of the bar is there to keep your drink at the perfect temperature, even in the scorching summer heat.

We’re able to keep our bar (and your drinks) frosty in the 100-degree weather with a little help from CHILL*RITE and their one-of-a-kind frost rail system. Frost rails are connected to a remotely located chilling system that continuously feeds refrigerant to all of the rails.  It runs at a very low temperature so that the system creates ice as fast as it’s melting.

Think of it working like an open freezer door; the frost builds up from the humidity in the air. The frost rails can refrigerate a surface in warm ambient conditions; the surface then condensates and the frost rail system freezes the condensation. With precise temperature controls, it’s able to totally control how much ice builds and how evenly it forms.

All it takes to get a chilled CHILL*RITE bar rail is a quick flip of the switch. Once the switch is activated, the system begins creating frost, with a full pattern formed in a couple of hours. Once started, the chilling system runs around the clock. There is a built in defrost system with a programmed time clock that turns the system off when our bar is closed and automatically on just before the bar opens. When in defrost mode, the ice melts, drains, and the frost rail system dries off automatically. Then, when the system comes back on in the morning, fresh ice is formed.

Originally, CHILL*RITE invented and patented the frost rail technology as a unique ice effect to draw patrons in. Our pool is currently the only public place in Las Vegas that you can find a frost rail bar. But, if you really fall in love with our frost rails, you can get them installed in your own home. They can be built to any size and practically any shape. Plus, they’re really fun to write your name on.