Eat Like a Professional

Being paid to eat for a living may sound like a dream come true, but even the best gourmet food can be difficult to consume in large portions. Think elaborate multi-course menus, multiple visits to the buffet, and dessert and wine pairings sound fabulous? Try indulging in these perks of the trade without packing on the pounds. With a little help from Forbes, we got an inside look at how their professional eaters (called Forbes inspectors) enjoy fine dining – and lots of it – with delectable results.

Start with a Cocktail
Imitate the Europeans and begin your meal with a bitter cocktail (such as champagne, Vermouth or Campari). This is called an aperitif (from the Latin word aperire, meaning “to open”), a light alcoholic drink meant to spark the appetite.

Let it Sparkle
Your water preference may seem unrelated to eating, but choosing sparkling over still will help with digestion. Due to the carbonation, sparkling water is almost impossible to drink too quickly and will keep you from feeling bloated and overly full.

Flee from Fillers
Sure that basket of bread may look delicious, but it’s not going to be more satisfying than your main course. No matter how elaborate the bread offerings may be, (and ours are pretty elaborate) enjoy a bite or two of the doughy delight and save room for what’s to come.

Ask for Guidance
M’s skilled restaurant Team Members are trained and ready to help you navigate our menus and make the perfect selection for your palate. Don’t hesitate to ask their opinions on certain dishes; chances are they’ve tasted nearly everything on the menu.

Keep it BalancedAnthony's Bone-In Filet Mignon
Foods have various weights and consistencies. When ordering, it’s important to mix and match the richer items with lighter foods. If you’re dining on filet mignon with a side of foie gras, it’s best to order a light appetizer and dessert to avoid feeling weighed down with indigestion.

Don’t Starve Yourself
Planning on skipping breakfast and lunch in anticipation of dining at Studio B or another one of our restaurants? Have sensible meals earlier in the day. This will help expand your stomach and give you more room to enjoy that last scoop of gelato!