Beer with a Buzz

What’s a brewtail, you might ask? It’s a drink with a kick and M’s unique spin on the popular beer-cocktail trend. These new boozey hybrids are larger than a traditional mixed drink and are served up in bigger glasses. They’re particularly popular in the warmer months of spring and summer. The effervescence that beer brings to the glass is a thirst-quenching alternative to your traditional libation, perfect to cool you down from the desert heat.Served exclusively at Anthony’s Burgers & Brews, brewtails take on a new prominent role on the drink menu. Aside from their already extensive list of traditional beers, three varieties of brewtails are available for beer connoisseurs (or the curious) to enjoy.

Lager Shandy

Lager, Sprite, orange vodka, sweet lemon and lime

The Lager Shandy is a blend of beer and sparking lemonade. It’s inspired from the popular traditional shandies (beer mixed with citrus-flavored soda) from Great Britain, Ireland and other European countries. It brings out the beer flavor to create a light and refreshing drink without the added heaviness.

Chocolate Stout Margarita

Chocolate stout, sweet lemon and lime, Sauza Silver Tequila, Cointreau

We never thought a drink with chocolate and margarita would blend as well as this one. Our Chocolate Stout Margarita is a twist on the beer margarita, using a stout to make the beer more perceptible. The sweet and sour taste of the margarita pairs perfectly with the refreshing flavor of chocolate.

Red Ale Mary

Red ale, clamato and spicy tomato juice, squeeze of lime

This Bloody Mary on steroids uses red ale to give you that “redeye” pick-me-up. This spicy and flavorful cocktail is perfect after a long night of drinking.

When developing these brewtails, our food and beverage team knew that creating the perfect flavor was key. They wanted to make cocktails that were as unique as the M brand and ones that our guests would be eager to order again and again. The next time you’re at Anthony’s Burgers & Brews, be sure to try one of these amazing creations!