Rock Out at Wineucopia

To usher in spring, Rock ‘n Roll Wine will be presenting its inaugural Wineucopia event this Saturday at M Pavilion. "Wineucopia is a wine and music celebration," said Chris Hammond, President and Founder of Rock 'n Roll Wine. "The event will be highlighting over 35 wineries, 70+ wines and performances by Better than Ezra, Antonio Beliveau of Crash Kings and local bands Play For Keeps and Offset Season.


The variety of wines and amazing performances will make for an unforgettable evening, but there are a few notable wineries you'll want to give your undivided attention. Hammond personally recommends stopping by the Norman Vineyard booth. "Jim Norman's Paso Robles group of wines will rock your face off and he is a certifiable entertaining genius."

If you're looking for a delicious, wacky paring, Hammond also suggests visiting Courtney Rich's booth from Rich was involved in selecting perfect wine pairings and delectable food creations for the event. Her picks include: Sage Fried Chicken tenders with chipotle dipping sauce, Mini-Meatloaf Sandwiches with roasted tomato and griddled mozzarella, and Mashed Potato/Bacon Burger Mini’s and Mini Crab Cakes with chili mayo drizzle from Hash House A Go Go.

For more amazing creations, Whole Foods will be on site featuring artisan cheese from Beehive Cheeses out of Utah. Trust us; you'll never think of cheese the same way after trying some of these! To complete the selections with something sweet, Ethel M's will be on hand with a delicious assortment of chocolates, each paired with a particular wine and/or champagne.

Tickets for Wineucopia are priced at $45 (including taxes and fees) and are available at or by calling Rock ‘n Roll Wine at 702.240.3066. Doors open at 7 p.m. Event will last until 11pm with the official after-party being held at Hostile Grape until 1am.