Dos and Don’ts of Romantic Travel

Ever feel like you need to reclaim the romance in your relationship? As work blurs beyond the 9-to-5 hours you can turn up the heat with your significant other by simply fleeing the daily grind for a little rest and relaxation. Pack your bags and head out of town! Contrary to what you may have heard, travel with the intention of spicing things up doesn’t require a whirlwind trip to a remote island, fussy French food, Jacuzzi tubs, a quaint bed and breakfast (or any other romantic clich?). A trip to Vegas and the M Resort might be just what the love doctor ordered.

Romantic Travel

Whether you’re visiting us for your dreamy getaway or just a fun filled vacation, keep these tips in mind to pump up the romance level and impress your partner.


  • Try something new. Whether it is a unique cuisine or an adventurous activity, do something that you would both enjoy.
  • Decide on your destination together. Not everyone likes surprises; choose somewhere that will appeal to you and your partner.
  • Make your arrival romantic. Call your resort ahead of time and let them know it’s a special occasion, arrange for champagne and chocolate-dipped strawberries to be waiting in your room.
  • Take your time. Being together should outweigh saving time. Instead of one person picking up luggage and the other getting the rental car, do it together.
  • Make the flight romantic. Fly first-class, if possible, and splurge on a cocktail or two to get your escape started.
  • Bring home something special. Find a unique souvenir to remember your trip together.


  • Travel somewhere you’ve been with a previous mate. Create new memories with your significant other instead of reminiscing of old ones.
  • Force a strict travel schedule on your partner. Take the time to enjoy your time away together.
  • Use your cell phone unless completely necessary. Your time away should be focused on who you’re with.
  • Do what you’d do at home. Romantic travel is all about stepping outside the norm.